Sometimes all it takes…

…are the right words, a hug, and a delicious dinner to make everything that much better. I’ve had one of those super-stressful, migraine-inducing weeks at work for one reason or another and basically today was the day I hit the wall. Without going into all the gory details, all I can say is sometimes its just the right mix of little things that makes those big things seem a little bit less daunting/stressful/overwhelming. Regardless, I’m using tonight to try to find my center again and I give major kudos to my sister and Scott (the dynamic duo that they are) who have learned what words will “talk me down” – even if it takes awhile, I do come down eventually, just doesn’t necessarily happen instantaneously (though I’m sure Scott would much prefer that!).

On a lighter note, though (and I’m purposefully keeping this post short, forgive me – head is throbbing!), Jo and I taught Kick this morning and we did really well! After my last Kick class on the new release where I was super-duper frustrated at a few mis-cues and things, this class went great! We both knew all of our tracks and are MUCH improved on the cuing front! And, dare I say – the power of our kicks and punches was there! Score one for us. πŸ™‚ This all bodes very well for our re-tapings that are happening this weekend – send us good vibes tomorrow night and Sunday mid-morning when we’re slated to re-tape. We WILL rock this. It’s about time to truly let ourselves be great, right?


7 thoughts on “Sometimes all it takes…

  1. I’ve had the week from h-e double hockey sticks… but thankfully for both of us we have good people in our lives to help us out!! Thank God for that. Hang in there girl, tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Relax tonight!!

  2. Aw, this was a really sweet post…I am so glad I can be support for you when you need it, God knows you are for me as well, anytime I ever need it (a lot lately…), and so glad Scott is too (not that I have ever had any doubt there). Chin up sis…it’ll get better. Promise.

  3. You are both going to be superstars for your tapings!! Then you will be done and certified, and will never have to go through it again….unless of course you decide to take on another Group class. Like Ride, so you can maybe go to a Tiago Intensive πŸ˜‰

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