Kick video assessment – take two!

You knew this post was coming, yes? The big, bad Kick video assessment – take two!

Day started off a little rough – battled a migraine most of the day which meant very little work was done (at home) until later in the afternoon when I finally shook it off. By then, it was almost time to get going for tonight’s Kick video assessment re-tape and I spent some time (admittedly not a ton) reviewing my tracks to refresh my memory since I know have Oct ’09 and Spring ’10 releases running around in my brain. I did manage to run through the tracks earlier this week but that was allll the way on Tuesday so I was a little rusty on a few tracks today.

That’s my big caveat – a little rusty here and there.

So – here’s the good:

  • I had power. My hooks and jabs were strong.
  • I had balance. My kicks were strong, my heel was set, my arm was out for balance.
  • I was WAY less nervous than last time. Which helped with cuing and tonality of my voice (I think)

And now, the not-so-good:

  • I somewhat screwed up a cue at the very start of the workout (cued 4 jabs, 4 rips when it was really 4 jabs, 2 rips) which isn’t that big a deal but still, not the best way to start the whole re-tape experience off.
  • And I TOTALLY screwed up a cue in track 5, to the point where my mind literally went blank. I knew I had to cue a jab/rip combo which I did but then my body didn’t follow. I had the Oct ’09 jab/rip combo in my head which is very different than the jab/rib combo in Spring ’10. Luckily, my sister and fab friend Steph got me back on track from the audience which was a total LIFESAVER (so thank you ladies!!

So overall self-review rating? B- (Jo said I earned a B+ but I think she was just being nice)

Jo made a very good, very sage observation as I was sitting down to write this post, feeling a little sorry for myself for not TOTALLY knocking it out of the park tonight (I have high expectations, what can I say?). She said: “Ok, we’re not aiming for the Mona Lisa here, alright?”

Um, duh. No kidding. We just need to be GOOD, not necessarily great and most definitely not perfect, to pass this initial assessment. My problem – as my mom reminded me of via text tonight as I recapped the experience for her (what? We’re texting fiends, what can I say?) – I’m a perfectionist. Her comforting words:

“None of us can be perfect all the time, but giving it your best effort is what counts…I’m absolutely positively sparkling proud of you.”

Well, that’s all I needed to hear. How come Mom’s always know EXACTLY what to say when I need it most?

What’s so funny is that earlier in the day, she was emailing me about tonight as I got ready to go to the gym and she gave me this awesome pep talk…at the end of which she added the caveat “and I’m not saying this just because I’m your mom” – ha! She knew I was totally thinking that, too!! Too funny – and very fitting given Mother’s Day this weekend, too. Mom’s are awesome, huh? So comforting in their own unique way. šŸ™‚

So, there you have it. If I could recap it – I’d say this was definitely better than the last go-round and I’m proud that the areas I was told to improve I DID improve upon. It makes me feel good that all that hard work, all those weeks and weeks of complete and utter focus on Kick was worth it. Let’s hope BTS agrees and passes me. Everyone say a little prayer for me, ok? šŸ™‚

Cheers ya’ll!

6 thoughts on “Kick video assessment – take two!

  1. YAY FOR BEING DONE! and I believe I said “it’s not the mona lisa ‘aight?” šŸ˜‰ You did great, you are DONE, you had power, you had confidence, that’s all that matters in my book. And mom totally rocks šŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like you did GREAT! Good job! Like you said, remember you are just starting out and can’t expect perfection. My instructor that has been teaching Kick for YEARS will still mess up cues on occasion. It is all part of the game. I bet you gave everyone a great workout and that is what matters. šŸ™‚

  3. LOVE the kind words from your mom – and she is so right! In fact, most of my favorite teachers “mess up” in each class. In a way, it makes me like them more because I realize, hey – they are human, too. šŸ™‚ And like you said – the areas they told you to improve on, you did. Because you rock!!

    Saying a prayer for you!

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