My favorite body part…my butt??

<Warning – this post is all about my butt, yup, you read that right – my butt>

I love my butt.

There, I said it.

Might not seem like a big deal to throw that out to the blog universe, but for me, it’s kind of a big deal.


Because I used to HATE, HATE, HATE my butt. I refused to ever look at myself naked in the mirror and if I did catch a glimpse, it was always met with a shudder and a quick turnaround so I wouldn’t see that thing, that big butt staring back at me.

But after this morning’s experience, I have declared my butt my favorite asset (no pun intended, LOL).

I was planning for today to be a long run day since our last long run was a few weeks ago and we haven’t had good weather or schedules haven’t worked out where we could fit a long run in quite awhile. But, alas, I woke up with major shin splints from this Saturday’s HIIT workout which consisted of 1/2 mile “sprints” mixed with 1/2 mile recovery jogs which went on for about a half hour, until I literally could sprint no more. But I digress – so I got up and decided against the long run because I knew it was just a recipe for a poor run and I just wasn’t in the mood for that. So I chose my favorite Cathe workout of all time (aside from STS!)- Butts & Guts.

Scott decided he’d join me in our home gym to do his bicep workout since we’d be using different equipment, we could easily workout together without space being an issue (note to self – plan a follow-up post to talk through how we set up our home gym, I know Heather‘s been waiting on this one!).

Well, once we got going, Scott kept taking longer than usual pauses to watch me in action and, well, he was a wee bit distracted after awhile. After I got through a slew of walking lunges, deadlifts, squats, low-pulse lunges and firewalkers, I went to the floor to get through the floor work section of the workout (this is the part I HATE, I am on fire the entire time, I swear). By this point, Scott was basically done with his bicep workout and took to watching me as his entertainment. It was clear he was enjoying the <ahem> view. After joining me for the “guts” portion of the workout, we went downstairs to have breakfast and we got to talking. I mentioned that this is by far the one workout that, no matter what, does NOT get easier with time. Scott was like “but you have a great @ss so it’s worth it.” To his point, I have to give major props to Cathe – my butt did NOT look like this on its own, and I give her almost FULL credit for it. Beyond Butts & Guts, the STS legs workouts she’s put me through have definitely done its job (trisets, anyone??).

So, after thinking all of this over as we finished up breakfast, I am ready to admit that I actually DO love my butt. It makes me feel strong (all those kicks in Group Kick workouts don’t happen by themselves, afterall!) and powerful, and, well, sexy.

And, that, my friends, is a big step. To be able to admit to loving a body part and to be able to appreciate it for what it’s able to do for me physically as well as mentally is huge progress!

So while you’re probably laughing that I found a way to make an entire blog post focus just on my butt (of all things), I figured it was high time we all started celebrating our bodies versus scrutinizing them all the time. Join me, won’t you?