Time to take a dose of my own medicine

Yes, I need to take my own medicine, and STAT.

I’m having a frustrating week (yes, already – it’s only Tuesday!) and am struggling to regain the positive spirit I know is lurking somewhere in me.

I HATE when I can sense that downward spiral towards negativity, it’s not a fun place to be so I’m trying very hard to stop before I get to the point where everything around me is tainted by it. It’s just not worth it, right? I need to revert back to one of my Joel Osteen-inspired posts (about not letting things “sour my day and steal my joy”), me thinks.

I know we’ve all been there so any advice on how to stop the negative death-spiral, I’m all ears. 😉


In other news, I HAVE had a couple of great workouts so far this week and am marching towards a great run tonight (it’s the one thing I’m focused on as my “reward” for getting through today!) so at least those are two positives I can focus on, right?

Yesterday I managed to get myself to Ride at 5:15 and then Power at 6:00 and left the gym feeling pretty darn accomplished for a Monday at 7am! It really did set the day off on the right foot and I am thinking I may need to keep that up most Mondays, actually. I may even do that combo again tomorrow (but opposite – Power is first and then Ride) because it really did do something great for me, mind, body and spirit. We shall see what tomorrow brings, let’s just get me through today first, mmk? 😉

It is funny though, how one sweat-fest can really set the mood for the day in some shape or form. Yesterday’s early-rise got me going and in the right mindset for what I knew would be a busy week and today – I had the chance to sleep in a bit and am using this afternoon’s run as my goalpost for the day. It works for me – especially when I feel the negative death-spiral approaching.

See? I already feel better just thinking about things in that perspective. I’m telling ya – blogging it out may just be the best medicine around.

10 thoughts on “Time to take a dose of my own medicine

  1. Hey girl – good job with a double morning workout. Yikes! Sometimes I think we can also over think things trying soooo hard to not be negative, to be happy, that we make it worse in the end. Or, at least I think I do that sometimes.

    • Hmm very good point, maybe I’m trying TOO hard to be Positive Polly and I sometimes need to just feel the negative feelings before I can rid myself of them? Hell, it’s worth trying, right?

      • Exactly – as long as you don’t start to wallow in self-pity, woe-is me mire, then just having a few off days isn’t always bad. Sometimes I think we deserve to feel crappy, cry a lot, and then you wake up and you feel better. You’ve vented a little, learned a lot (hopefully).

  2. Getting in a good workout helps me start off on a better foot too. I completely get that logic. 🙂

    I hope whatever is stressing you calms down. I don’t like to see you wound up in a bad way. Hugs!

  3. Gosh, that was me in that spiral last week! Honestly, sometimes I let myself be blue/have that pity party, and just remind myself it won’t last long. It always passes, and you’ll be back to yourself in no time. And, yes, sweat sessions definitely help in the mean time – way to go on the back to back workouts!!

    And I agree about blogging….sometimes I’ll write up posts about things that bother me, and not even hit publish because I already feel better. 🙂 I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  4. Hang in there sweet girl! Blogging it out has helped me so many times before. I can’t imagine my life without it now!! 🙂 I’ll be praying for you and hoping that you’re feeling positive and full of happiness!! 🙂

    • Seriously, you ladies never cease to amaze me with the blog love!

      Em – you are always so uplifting and caring with your comments. I love it! Totally sense the teacher in you coming out. 😉

      And Holly – I love that you actual write blogs that you don’t even publish. I probably should take a page from your book, I’m still having a “what was I thinking” moment about the post I wrote about my butt. LOL!

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