So I FINALLY had fun teaching Kick this morning with my sister. I pretty much let go and just went with it, and you know what? I didn’t screw up all the moves by “not thinking” so hard, I probably did even better than if I were in “Overthinking Ollie” mode. I mean, yes, minor little slips here and there (hey I’m human – I said upper when I meant hook, for example), but overall, it was fun, we worked it out hard and felt accomplished at the end of the class. And, that, my friends is all we can ask for of ourselves, right?

The only bittersweet part is that our fitness director is removing the 6am-er on Thursdays because of low attendance. On the one hand, I don’t blame her because the numbers are pretty low for Kick at that time but on the other, there were a handful of regulars that came every single week and those are the bummed-out faces we saw in today’s class. I will admit that taking, let alone teaching, Kick at 6am can be brutal – you need to dig deep for loads of energy and endurance right off the bat, but it can be done, it’s just not for everyone at that hour. Hopefully, she’ll add another night and/or weekend class so all of us – once we’re certified (hopefully soon, fingers crossed) – can “own” a class on the schedule. We shall see.


In other news, my husband and I are very proud to announce (wait for iitttttt) — we started a blog together! (sorry, no, we are not pregnant or something crazy like that, just “conceived” a blog together, HA!)

It’s called “Living a Zinful Life” and our plan is to make it all about our love of wine and of food in general since we do consider ourselves foodies, but not in the snotty sense, so no worries there. 😉 I hope you’ll check it out, it should be lots of fun. I’m thinking the hubs will write most of the posts but they’ll be mainly a combination of both of our ideas, thoughts and such. Fun fun, I mean really – who doesn’t love reading about food and wine, right??