Embracing imperfection, let’s be honest

Ohhh Friday, how happy am I to see you at last! Happy day. 🙂

I’ll warn you in advance, this might feel like a mish-mash of a post, so bear with me.

First – thank you so much for your blog love over at Living a Zinful Life. So excited to be able to share the “other” side of my life with ya’ll – aside from my love of sweating, that is. 😉

Speaking of the “other” side of who I am, I was totally inspired by a couple of blog posts I caught up on today from fab blogger friend Tina who has had a series of blog posts that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading today (I was in blog catch-up mode this morning, clearly!).  The one that caught my eye initially was about honesty in blogging. I’m in total agreement on all of her points – I never want to feel like I’m reading someone’s “idealist” version of themselves on their blog. I’d so much rather read about how normal you are – we aren’t always going to be working out and eating uber-healthfully, it’s quite alright to admit to having a weakness for chocolate or pizza or wine (umm, those would be my vices!). In fact, I’d much rather know that you have balance in your life and aren’t perfect all the time. Very much in line with what Tina had to say here:

Having a “perfect” persona. If you consistently cover up or don’t discuss any imperfections and struggles you have, readers could end up with the distorted vision that you are “perfect” or “never mess up” or “always eat/workout/live right”. This type of persona could ultimately lead to others feeling not good enough about themselves. In an ideal world we would not compare ourselves to others, but as bloggers we should know that it happens. If you are honest about some sugar passing your lips, missing a workout, dealing with a negative body image on occasion, being angry or hurt about something, etc you will become more real. Many of us bloggers hope to set examples and help others. Acting the part of “oh-glorious-one-with-no-problems” could provide an unrealistic example and set others up for a sense of failure.

For me – one of the best aspects of blogging, I’ve found (aside from making some awesome friends in the process!) is being able to inspire others to either get back into a fitness regime or kicking up their current workouts a bit to be healthier, happier, and more energetic. By being honest in who I am versus trying to be “perfect” all the time, I want to set the tone for others that working out shouldn’t be something that you feel set up to fail — in other words, being realistic about what you can/cannot realistically fit into your current lifestyle. Sort of like what I blogged about the other day, actually.

In a similar vein, Tina also had a great post about abs. I’m the first to admit to being a blogger with ab envy from time-to-time. My abs are far from perfect and, more often than not, I hate them. It seems like no matter what I do, they are never what I strive for them to be – toned, yet not ripped, per se. But you know what? That’s ok. I’m not perfect and don’t pretend to be. I’m trying to embrace them for what they are – a little bit softer than I’d like, but, despite that, they do keep me balanced, especially during Kick and all of those kick/punch combos. They ain’t perfect, but they’re mine so I might as well find a way to embrace them as best as possible, right?

With that, I’m off to be my imperfect self – kicking this Friday to the curb and getting on with the weekend. I do need to fit in a run tonight since I slept in this morning after a late night out with a few coworkers, but that’s ok because after that? It’s date night in with Scott – pizza and wine are on the menu and I plan to enjoy it fully. Cheers!