That’s two for two!

Two for two as in two awesome runs back to back this weekend. Looooove when that happens!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in the Boston area. A wee bit on the windy side but thankfully, the wind was at our back during the second half of what turned out to be our long run ‘o the weekend (probably 7 miles but I still need to clock it). We ran the same loop as our last long run and it felt just as awesome this time as the last time. Dare I say that this time, despite being more challenging given the wind resistance, was probably my best, most challenging outing yet. But not in an OMG-I’m-gonna-die-if-I-take-one-more-step kind of challenge, but in an OMG-I’m-really-doing-this kind of way. I just keep envisionting that THIS is how I want to feel when we run the Wicked Half this fall, and I really, really hope that’s exactly how it’ll play out. We shall see.

As for our second run this weekend – today – we opted for a short, but fast 5k since our calves were screaming at us from yesterday. It was equally gorgeous this morning as it was yesterday, but MUCH less windy, thankfully. Two days of back-to-back runner’s high and I’m feeling pretty darn good as we head into the work week. I’m gonna ride this bout of runner’s high as long as I can this week, lord knows I’ll need the added motivation while my sister is away from work in Las Vegas at Bloggers in Sin City. Needless to say, I’m super jealous and kicking myself for not signing up myself. Ah well, there’s always next year, right?? It will be weird to be apart from her for a full seven days, not gonna lie – I’m gonna have some serious Jolene Withdrawals by next Sunday night. Good thing we have cookout plans tonight. 😉

Aside from a coupla awesome runs, this weekend has been full of fun – pizza and wine “party for two” on Friday with Scott, a new haircut, color and pretty purple-y toes (boy do I know how to pamper myself right, eh?) yesterday, girls night last night (always a super-fab time, thanks ladies!) and a cookout at Jo’s later today. AND I did manage a little bit of shopping today too – got me some new running sneaks that I’m dying to try out! Funny how a new pair of sneaks or a new workout tank just adds to your workout mojo, huh? Or is that just me?? 😉