Update on Kick

Funny, in looking back at my last handful of posts, Kick has been pretty absent from my blogging thoughts lately, huh? And, I guess I didn’t realize it until now, but last Thursday was my last official “class” that I could call my own, at least for now until one of two things happens. 1 – More Kick classes are added to the schedule or 2 – one of the other instructors can’t take a class, and in that case, I will sub-in. Figures, I finally have a breakthrough (and have FUN while teaching, who knew?) and it was my last “official” or “recurring” class on the schedule for now.

While, I won’t lie, this really frustrated me last night when I pieced it all together (because we know by now how scattered our fitness director is – she didn’t really spell it out for me, if you catch my drift), but now that I’ve taken a little bit to think about it, it could be worse. And – to my sister‘s point (en route to the airport today – damn, I miss her already!), we’ve learned so much about ourselves in the process, we should have no regrets, no matter what the near-term outcome. And dammit, she’s right (I hate when that happens – Scott said the same last night and I didn’t listen).

The thing is – I set out to become Group Kick certified, and I’m thisclose to that happening (now let’s just hope I pass!). And yes, the icing on top would be to see my name on the group fitness class schedule. But the two aren’t necessarily going to happen in tandem. I’m realizing that now. I’m soo black-and-white sometimes that it’s hard for me to let my mind process things when they don’t happen according to the timeline in my head and I think that’s what I’ve struggled with lately, related to Kick. I want it NOW, not in a few months but RIGHT NOW. It’s like I’m a two-year old throwing a fit in my head (trust me, it’s not a pretty sight).

So, long story short, I will be thrilled when I pass the certification process and I will be satisfied for now to be a sub for other Kick instructors and during launches of new releases when we tend to team teach until we learn the entire release on our own. Not ideal, but it’ll do for now. Until Kick really heats up at our gym to the point where our fitness director can justify adding more classes to the schedule, I will be content to be part of the Group Kick team, even if I’m not leading the charge (I need to remember, there is no “I” in team!).

Hmm, this post started out in my head to be a “what I learned about Kick” post – and turned into an update on Kick instead. I guess that means tomorrow will be all about my learnings thus far, in this crazy, chaotic Kick journey of mine. Stay tuned. 🙂