It’s not fair…

Sometimes life isn’t fair. But dammit, I wish it were.

I’m intentionally being vague here to protect the privacy of one of my dearest friends who is going through a particularly challenging time, but felt like it was the right thing to do by blogging about it here in the context of perspective and being grateful.

Honestly, I feel helpless. There is nothing I can do or say that will make her feel better or change what it is that she’s going through. She’s been dealt an incredibly tough hand and she’s shown strength and perseverance throughout, same goes for her husband who’s in this with her and I’ve seen them grow stronger together, by the day. It’s incredible, really.

It’s just crazy to me that life can be so unfair sometimes and can provide such challenges to those that don’t deserve them. But then, challenges are what makes each of us stronger, in ourselves, and in our faith, whatever faith that might be. I know she’ll come out of this stronger and will find faith, but right now, I wish there was a “fast-forward” button to get her to that point quicker.

I guess my point here is about faith and perspective and accepting that we are supposed to “bloom right where we’re planted” no matter what we’re currently dealing with. A hard thing to do, no doubt. But, while it might not come easy, it might take time (and in some cases, a LOT of time), it’ll happen. And, most of all, God does have a plan for all of us, even if it’s not blatantly apparent at this very moment. (I think we’d all love to be able to ‘see’ what He sees in our future, at least a glimpse or two would be nice).

Anyway, this blog post is totally unrelated to my “usual” blog fodder, but I hope you’ll give me a “pass” in favor of perspective…

7 thoughts on “It’s not fair…

  1. Pass given. I have a dear friend who will be celebrating her 2nd wedding anniversary with, who I think is her soulmate. However, last fall he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. Talk about unfair. Like you, I am totally helpless. There are absolutely no words that I can say to help. All you can do is be there for your friend and let them know you are there whenever and however you can be.

  2. My heart goes out to your friend. I’m so sorry that she’s going through such a difficult time. It’s so difficult to understand why God has us go through certain things in life, but I know that he has a reason. It’s just a reason that surpasses our understanding. I will say a prayer that your friend finds the strength and faith she needs to get continue working through her hard time. She is very lucky that she has a good friend like you to be there to help her.

  3. I hope whatever your friend is going through passes quickly. And even though you wish you could do more, I’m sure your friend simply appreciates you being there. You’re right that sometimes life doesn’t make sense and that it is hard and HURTS, but we have to have faith and trust that things will turn out for the better. Your friend sounds like an amazing woman who understands that. Prayers will be coming her way.

  4. I am sorry about your friend and I hope that whatever is going on is something she can rebound from quickly. You’re right…Life isn’t fair…but it is the obstacles that make us stronger. I am thinking about your friend in my prayers!

  5. I really hate the fact the sometimes bad things happen to good people for no reason at all. She is lucky to have a friend that cares so much.

  6. …this type of blog fodder will do just fine.

    …when my Husband and I have faced serious struggles, he has seen only negative while I always find a way to see a glimmer of hope. It’s sometimes hard for couples when the outlooks on the situation are seen so differently. But this husband and wife duo – it’s great that they are of one mind through the situation. That’s really important. 🙂

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