Long weekend in 3, 2, 1…

The countdown to the long weekend has begun – and the weather is looking phenomenal around these parts, I’m THRILLED. The exact right way to celebrate Scott’s birthday too, which he’s totally excited for – especially since we’re throwing a pretty mean partay on Saturday that entails the following:

Sangria (stay tuned for a recipe which you’ll find on Living a Zinful Life in short order)

Steak tips (that Scott likes to let “bathe” for two days with his super-special marinade, which you might also see on the other blog!)

Pasta salad with veggies

Antipasto salad (Scott’s dad makes a mean version which he brings every year, MM!)

A huge veggie/dip platter

Steamers (A first for Scott, he has texture issues with food typically but this one was all his idea, we’ll see how it goes LOL)

Various other munchies

And that’s all just for part one of the bash. The second part involves burgers (regular and turkey), a cheese platter, more pasta salad, fruit salad and, of course, more sangria.

So, you could say that this will be one giant eating and drinking fest – one that I’m totally indulging in, because it’s just necessary sometimes. (and I plan on a lonnng run in the AM on Saturday to mentally and physically prepare for it, ha!). I promise to report back with lots of pictures and updates (people pictures too, just for you, Heather!).


In other news…

I had an awesome run this morning with Scott and ended up using yesterday as a rest day, even though I totally didn’t want to. I’ve got to get better about accepting a once per week rest day, I have such issues with it sometimes!

I’m SUPER DUPER proud of my sis who passed her Group Kick assessment! She found out yesterday so now I’m totally dying in anticipation of finding out if I’ve also passed. It would be awesome to find out before tomorrow – a few of us Kickers (including Steph!)  are meeting up for drinks tomorrow night to celebrate, so hopefully we’ll be celebrating BOTH of us passing, so please, please, please keep your fingers and toes crossed!

And finally – I surpassed the 10k visitor mark yesterday! WOO! I’m suuuuch a dorky blogger, but that totally excited me when I saw that this morning when I logged into WordPress. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Long weekend in 3, 2, 1…

  1. I have a gut feeling you passed! I bet you’ll be double celebrating tomorrow. And then it can carry on into the weekend with the fun bash you’re throwing. It sounds great!

  2. YUM – everything sounds delicious…can’t wait to see the pics! I love people pics, too. 🙂 And I’d love a good recipe for Sangria. I’ve never actually made it (too scared), but I’m a good taste tester.

    Congrats to your sis! Currently crossing all fingers and toes you get your good news soon, too. Then that will be reason for EXTRA celebration this weekend, right?? And congrats to you on the 10K visitor mark!

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