Drumroll please…!!



I have no words. Just sheer excitement, relief, joy, and most of all, pride (much like I have for my sister who passed her assessment this week too).

Six MONTHS of endless sweat, kicks, jabs, uppercuts, and yes, a few tears.

But it was ALL worth it for this very moment…my FIRE is back and it’s not going anywhere!

Bring it!!!! 🙂

25 thoughts on “Drumroll please…!!

  1. Woo-effing-hoo!!!!!! You deserve this sis…WAY more than me, because you have stressed, sweated, and worked even harder than me to get ‘er done, and I’m proud of your focus and dedication. Now let’s go kick some ass (and drink some wine!!) 🙂 XO! SO proud!!!

    • Nah, Jo – we did this together through and through. You worked your ass off just as much as I did, and I’m so glad we did this together and so proud and SO ready for that glass of wine now 😉

    • Wow. I am totally blown away – this post has been up for like an hour and you’ve all shown me such love, I feel so thankful for all of you, amazing blog friends! What would I do without ya 😉

      Thank youuuuuuu!!!

  2. YAYYY!!!! That is SO wonderful – congratulations!! Could there BE a more perfect weekend to celebrate, too?? I’m so happy for you – I know how long you’ve waited for this, and how much you’ve worked your booty off for it. Congrats and hope you celebrated with some of that sangria! 😉

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