Weekend in pictures (kinda)…

So, I promised lots of pictures from this weekend. Well – I sorta didn’t take that many so I’m going to do my best to portray the weekend in pictures – but you’ll have to use your imagination in some cases. Sorry folks, I’m a fitness blogger by nature, which doesn’t require lots of pictures – I don’t know how you foodie bloggers find time to take all those awesome pictures! I could use some tips, clearly. 😉

To kick off this weekend? A fantastic celebration with my fellow Kickers on Friday night that thank you God included celebrating my own passing of the big bad Kick assessment. I seriously didn’t think it would happen in time, and even if I did hear, I was so afraid I’d fail. Thankfully, my fears were unfounded. 🙂 And we were able to celebrate in style, all having passed and all ready to celebrate, fo sho! <sorry – no pictures from Friday, fail!!>

Saturday started with a great run with Scott – not a very long one, just about 4, 4.2 miles, but it was the perfect way to get the day rolling before the festivities began. Party started around noon and went all day and into the night. Lots of sangria was had. Lots of food was eaten – including Scott’s first taste of steamers, which he actually *did* like, much to his family’s surprise (coming from being such a picky eater before he met me!). This is an action shot of his first taste of the steamers – check out his dad in the background. So cute.

Sunday – toes in the sand. Spent the whole day at the beach with my sis and Scott. Best way to spend Scott’s birthday, ever. Nothing like that first whiff of ocean air or the sand between your toes (and sorry for the repeat pic, told you I am horrible at pictures!! Just realizing now that I don’t even have any of me and Jo and I spent the entire weekend with her, how is that possible??)

And finally, last night – Scott’s birthday dinner. After cleaning up from our day at the beach, I left in search of the perfect birthday dinner. What else could it be but Scott’s fave? Filet mignon, mixed greens salad and steamed yellow beans. With Zinfandel. Annnd prosecco and strawberries for dessert, while watching Wedding Crashers (that movie just never gets old if you ask me!). And yes, we *may* have managed to polish off both the Zin and the Prosecco. It was a great night to say the least. 🙂

Scott manning the grill!

Check out that meal, MMM!

The birthday boy, ready to dig in!

And voila, two very happy campers. 🙂

Ahh, just reliving the weekend while writing this blog makes me so very happy. Not gonna lie, totally not ready to go back to work tomorrow but the good news is it’s a short week AND summer Friday’s start at work this week, meaning I’ll be out of the office around 3pm on Friday which makes me one very happy girl!

9 thoughts on “Weekend in pictures (kinda)…

  1. Aw, love this post! the pics are fab, you guys look so happy, as you should. Weekend was the best, so fun hanging out, oh, almost all weekend. Wouldn’t choose to spend it many other ways 😉

  2. What an awesome weekend! And GOOD for you for polishing off the wine. If your great news about Kick isn’t a reason enough to celebrate (and your hubby’s b-day, AND the holiday weekend), I don’t know what is!!

    Jealous of the toes in the sand….isn’t that one of the BEST feelings in the world? And a natural exfoliator, to boot. 😉

    Love that pic of you two. You look so happy together!!

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