A call to arms

While flipping through my sister’s copy of Body + Soul magazine at the beach this weekend, an article caught my eye – and not just because it was the only workout-related article in the magazine (ha!), but because of the message it conveyed. I had never really put two and two together but now that I’ve read this and thought about it – I LOVE the message it conveys:

“…our arms are an energetic extension of the heart, giving and receiving not only physical energy but also love…your biceps pull desirables towards you, and your triceps push undesirables away…view a tight upper bod, then, as a conduit to reaching for more of the thing you wants (friends, opportunity) and pushing back what you don’t (obligations, negativity).”

Love, love, love, LOVE, that. We so often view our workouts as beneficial purely from a physical standpoint – the strength of our legs, the definition in our biceps or those chiseled abs we strive for – and think less about the mental aspect of our workouts. I try to focus on both – and most of the time I do just that – I have said a million times over that I love workouts as my “me” time to center me for the day, infusing energy into my body. But, I’d never really thought so much about the push/pull aspect describes in the snippet above. It’s awesome!

It especially struck a chord with me as I’ve lately been mulling over just what I want out of life, friendships, etc. and one thing I’ve really realized lately is that negativity has no place in my life, not from me, not from others. Life is far too short to be filled with negative energy, to focus on the things we cannot control and to sink down into a rut of dark thoughts. It just doesn’t sound very appealing does it? It is, sadly, so easy to fall into that negative slip-slide and I’ve been guilty of it a LOT lately, but this push/pull mantra is a great mental note to self to cut the crap. 😉

And, I guess that just means I better keep working those biceps and triceps a wee bit harder now, huh??


10 thoughts on “A call to arms

  1. Do you have tickets to the gun show? 😉 teehee. Seriously, when I read that article, it struck me too. I may have kissed my biceps, just a little, too. Just kidding, well sort of. And obviously totally agree on negative energy…gotta nip that in the bud.

    • LOL why yes, I have your tickets right here at my desk, would you like yours? 😉 HAHA, we’re such dweebs. But seriously, I’m ready to push negativity out that door for good. Hiya!

  2. Cut the crap, I love it!! That made me chuckle, not sure why, I think it was the mental image I had of you actually saying “cut the crap”. HA!

  3. Gosh, is that ever true! I have never thought about it like that.

    You are so right – it IS very easy to fall into that “negativity” trap. I’ve tried to surround myself with really positive and supportive people, but you still can’t help it sometimes….ya know? But you are right – life IS too short for that. I guess focusing that energy into your workouts is definitely a positive way to redirect that negativity. 🙂

    • I know, I’m having a “just can’t help it” moment right now actually. Figures – after I just wrote this “inspiring” blog post and all. Duh! Good thing I’m going to Kick tonight, that should knock it outta me! 🙂

  4. A good friend once told me positive energy creates elevation, and in Tai Chi there’s a movement where you embrace the tiger (negative feelings), then set it down on the mountain. The motion is very relaxing and seems to push all the negative energy right out. One reason I LOVE yoga is connecting to the breath; it’s like jumping back into your skin, savoring the moment. Never though about the biceps & triceps thing, though. I will have to do more arm work. My bf has great biceps! 😀

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