Something new – weekly fitness goals

In the spirit of continually shocking the body (STS much, anyone?), I’ve decided that I’m going to start outlining weekly fitness goals for myself. Don’t worry – this is nothing crazy (or nothing crazi-er than normal!), just an attempt to keep my body guessing, avoiding the workout lulls, ruts and plateaus as best as I can.

Plus – given the Wicked Half that’s been on my mind like crazy, especially after reading and re-reading Amy’s guest post for me yesterday, I am extra motivated to get my butt into gear for the big race in September. Seriously gives me butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it! I SO want to get to the point that Amy did where she was absolutely 100% ready on race day, could visualize herself getting through each phase of the tri, including crossing that finish line. Right now, the Wicked Half feels like a foggy, VERY long race that I don’t know how I’ll manage to complete. I know, I know, it’s on my bucket list for a reason, right??

So, back to my weekly fitness goals – for next week, my goal is to work my abs at least three times next week. It’s one area of my body that I neglect because I get so frustrated at how much work it takes to get results. But to think how important core strength is for everything from running, to kickboxing, to spinning and beyond, I need to re-focus on them in a big way. So that’s my goal – nothing fancy or too crazy, right?

If you were to pick a fitness goal next week, what would it be? I’d love to hear your ideas!

And PS. I have a debate going with my sister – she and I both struggle to give ourselves a rest day each week – yes, we’re that crazy that skipping a day just seems too difficult to do sometimes. 😉 Well – I told her that you need to take a full rest day a week to give your body active recovery time. She didn’t take one this week but I did. She claims that since I did a “double” on Monday (upper body work with STS followed by a lower body workout with STS), that my rest day no longer “counts.” I disagree. Weigh in please – rest day needed regardless? Or rest day not needed if you don’t “double up?”

10 thoughts on “Something new – weekly fitness goals

  1. DOES NOT count if you do two doubles in a week (which you did this week, dear sister! LOL) – it negates the rest day. That’s my argument and I’m sticking to it 😉

  2. LOL – loving this little rest day debate! Um hello: Crazy, Strong and Loving It (emphasis on crazy and strong). I never set fitness goals. Crazy huh? I just go and go and go. My goal next week, however, will be to sluff off the few lbs earned on vacay (earned, yep, I earned them). Hugs!

    • You are nuts, Heather. You worked out like a fiend on your entire vacation AND cooked healthful meals every.single.night. There’s no way you gained an ounce and even if you did, you look amazing with a capital A so cut it out. 😉

      And hello – you’re the one always scolding me for not taking rest days! Where’s my backing on this one?? I was counting on you!! LOL

  3. My fitness goal for this week is to workout, not just walk or play tennis at the weekend like usual. I am concentrating mostly on thighs/buns and abs. I hate abs because my stomach is my biggest flaw physicially and no matter how it seems to burn or target it, no workouts really flatten it. I end up with pregnant belly because my pelvic area will flatten, and love handles, but not the middle. Ugh!

    Rest day is definitely need, especially if you double up. You don’t want to overdo it–balabce is key to all aspects of life 😀

  4. I love sister debates! Why, let me just jump right in. 😉

    Honestly…I would say if you have one full day of rest that is good – right? (Look at me and my horrible debating skills LOL).

    • Ha! Wow, I can’t believe I am outnumbered on this debate with Jess – two doubles a week totally outweighs a rest day IMHO 😉 And uh, good debating skills ;-P

      • HA! My bloggy friends totally won this debate for me (your debating skills were just fine by my rules, Holly!). Woot! I WIN! Me – 1, Jolene – 0. 😉

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