There’s something to be said for a good sweat…

…I can’t quite put my finger on it. Hmm. Oh wait, yes, I can!

A good sweat…

Drastically improves my mood.

Makes me feel strong.

Proves that I can conquer a new challenge (hello, half marathon, Kick, anyone?)

Leaves me feeling equal parts empowered, equal parts wobbly armed (or maybe that’s just from today’s STS workout – literally arms are shaky as I type this)

Is nothing to take for granted.

That last one is super important to me. I am constantly reminding myself that I am downright lucky to be healthy and able to tackle workout after workout after workout. I feel very blessed to have the ability – physically and mentally – to continually push myself and I think that’s the deeply seated reason why I’m so motivated.

Wow. I’ve finally uncovered the answer to the question: “What motivates you to workout so much?” Because I’m able to. Plain and simple. Of course, this all came to me as I came down from my workout high this morning – thank you STS, you kicked my butt once again! But hey, at least now I have the answer to the question at last, right?

Oh, and btw – as a quick update on my “weekly fitness goals” – tonight I’m going to Core Fusion for the first time in eons. I discovered it a year or two ago and was going fairly regularly until it got to be a little pricey and given the studio I go to is in the city (about 40 mins from my home),  I lapsed. But – given I desperately need to kick-start my core work, Core Fusion it is. Wish me luck – I ALWAYS get so nervous before the class. It’s a total body ass-kicker and I LOVE it, even if I do modify some of the moves (um hi, can barely touch my toes…), it’s an incredible workout. I’ll report back tomorrow. 😉