Wicked Half slight panic attack…

…um, I have just about three months until the Wicked Half in September. Slight panic attack time? It dawned on me during last night’s #fitblog chat on Twitter when I realized that one of my fellow fit bloggers Heather at ThenHeatherSaid is also training for her first half in October. Um, if she’s already quasi-training, I should definitely be in training mode by now, no?

I mean – I’ve been upping my distance slowly but surely but still haven’t run farther than 6.5 miles or so. I’m aiming for 7 or even 8 on Saturday but we’ll see. Every time I set a distance goal for an upcoming run, I start to get nervous that I’ll flop. I know, silly right? Running is SUCH a head game for me in so many ways. I worry that I’ll get a side cramp or a shin splint will crop up or that I’ll get sore and have to slow or stop or that I won’t be able to run far at all – one of those “off” running days (you all know exactly what I mean, I’m sure!). I know most of these fears are unfounded but still, they get to me and it definitely impacts my running.

This is something I’ve decided I NEED to conquer well before the half-marathon this fall. I want to stand at that starting line and feel READY to rock the entire 13.1 miles. Not uneasy and nervous. I know I can get there, my body will not let me down, it’s my brain I have to learn to shut off somehow. Anyone seen the “off” switch??

So that’s goal numero uno. Goal numero dos? To look at this half as a challenge, yes, but not something totally insurmountable. This is supposed to be a little bit fun, too, right? So that’s my plan – find the fun in it, try not to have these mini panic attacks when I look at the calendar, and plug along, upping my mileage slowly but surely. I got this, right?? <—-note the pep talk to myself…

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a couple of random foodie thoughts before I wish ya’ll luck on kicking “hump day” to the curb…

  • Totally in love with the Fitnessista breakfast cookie this week. Damn did it taste especially good this morning with my coffee after a rockin’ Ride class that left me dripping. SO GOOD. If you haven’t tried it – I highly recommend you give it a whirl.
  • Is it weird that I’m excited for the salad I made for lunch today? No pictures of it here (sorry, I’m clearly not a food blogger, huh?), but it’s got mixed greens, avocado, blueberries, mango, grape tomatoes and baby cucumber with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette I made. MM. My love of salads has returned – I think Lara over at Thinspired would appreciate that, since her salad concoctions were the source of my inspiration recently!

14 thoughts on “Wicked Half slight panic attack…

  1. No panic attacks! Remember, there’s not rule that you have to run the entire thing. There are people who manage unbelievable times doing run/walks. The reason I so rarely sign up for a race is b/c I overthink it and forget to enjoy it at all. Running is such a mind game period. I love salads period. I have one pretty much every day for lunch.

    • I know, you’re sooo right. I need to just allow myself that “out” (run/walk) if I need to when it comes down to it, I’m just such a perfectionist that I SO want to run the entire thing! Ahh!

  2. DO NOT panic!! You have PLENTY of time!! When I used to do half marathons, I only “trained” for about 2 months. I was already running so much and active, that I took a training plan and skipped through quite a few weeks and was just fine. You’re so fit already that you’ll have no problem.

    • Em, you always know just what to say to make me feel more at-ease, you are suuuuch a teacher and soon-to-be mom it’s not even funny. 😉 Thank you for the pep talk!!

  3. If YOU are having a panic attack, try being me! I’ve not yet gotten past 5-6 miles and you are way ahead and more seasoned than me…we got this though, and we have time. Don’t stress.

    • Thank you Naomi!! I found a training plan in Woman’s Health (I think) that I’ll probably use – it’s an 8 week program that gradually ups your mileage but mixes in some interval training, too which I think will help. If you have any good training tips/programs, send them my way, Ms. Marathoner, you! 😉

    • Ohhh noooo!!! I didn’t meant to add stress to you (or Jo’s mind)! I was just having a “moment” — ahh, no dropping out!! We ALL got this, seriously! I’m thinking a big ‘ol cookout, post-half marathon, is great motivation for us to all cross that finish line, come hell or highwater, walking or running. Whatcha say?

  4. Girl, you seriously have this one in the bag! The training programs I have done before for halfs (um…halves? sounds funny!) have been 12 weeks, and the first few weeks the long runs are 4-6 miles. So you are definitely right on track! And another advantage you have is while you’ll be training during the hot, summer months, hopefully it will be cooler by September. 🙂 Just remind yourself of all that you have accomplished with Kick and otherwise, and know that you are strong and will rock it!

    Did I tell you I tried avocado on my salad?? OMG. You were soooooo right! I am in love. And the best part? It’s so ridiculously easy. It is definitely my new go-to salad topper. Thanks for the tip!!

    • I feel sooo much better knowing that, Holly!! Ok, panic attack is ova (that goes for you too- Meg and Jo)!

      PS. So glad you love the avacado topper, doesn’t it make a run-of-the-mill salad feel fancy? Blueberries were a fantastic addition today I might add.

  5. You can definitely do it. I’ve run several half marathons and didn’t run more than 3 miles at a time at the beginning of a 12-week training plan. And it worked.

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