Letting the body do what the mind thinks is impossible

This is what I’ve got to conquer to become the runner – the soon-to-be-half-marathoner – that I want to be. I have to let my body do what my mind thinks is impossible. Sounds easy in theory, right? Letting your mind go, wandering where it may, while your body does all the work?

Well, yeah, it would be easy, ‘cept for me being the overthinker that I’ve grown to be (“Overthinker’s Anonymous” right, Jo?), it’s kinda hard for me to let go. Let me rephrase that: It’s VERY hard for me to let go.

This is all that I could thinking about as I ran (ironic, huh?) this morning. Well, that and the fact that I was so thirsty I thought I would keel over. Images of ice cold water, iced coffee, crystal light fruit punch and iced tea and it took all the willpower in the world not to grab the water hose from some guy’s hand as he was watering his garden as we ran past him. Note to self: investigate those water belt thingies…

But I digress – my point here is that I realized today that I need to get outta my head (reminds me of my Kick training, like whoa) in order to become the runner that I want to be. I mean today I accomplished a pretty major goal – I ran my longest, probably a little bit over 7 miles which is awesome. But – I just wish I could get to the point where I wasn’t letting my brain take over now and then – there were times I was in close to panic mode because I thought I wasn’t going to make it and I hate that feeling. I’m better than that. Good thing Scott was by my side to coach me through, he totally got me through the last two miles, that’s for sure.

So, food for thought: What’s the one thing that you really have a hard time “letting go” and just doing something that, in your mind, feels impossible?


In other bloggy news, go check out my guest post over at Faith, Fitness, and Fun. I wrote about my Kick journey for Tina, which was super fun especially since she loves Kick and was even considering becoming a certified instructor, maybe once baby #2 is born she’ll consider it again. Blogger/kick meet-up in Atlanta, anyone? I’d make the trek, that’s for sure. 😉