Letting the body do what the mind thinks is impossible

This is what I’ve got to conquer to become the runner – the soon-to-be-half-marathoner – that I want to be. I have to let my body do what my mind thinks is impossible. Sounds easy in theory, right? Letting your mind go, wandering where it may, while your body does all the work?

Well, yeah, it would be easy, ‘cept for me being the overthinker that I’ve grown to be (“Overthinker’s Anonymous” right, Jo?), it’s kinda hard for me to let go. Let me rephrase that: It’s VERY hard for me to let go.

This is all that I could thinking about as I ran (ironic, huh?) this morning. Well, that and the fact that I was so thirsty I thought I would keel over. Images of ice cold water, iced coffee, crystal light fruit punch and iced tea and it took all the willpower in the world not to grab the water hose from some guy’s hand as he was watering his garden as we ran past him. Note to self: investigate those water belt thingies…

But I digress – my point here is that I realized today that I need to get outta my head (reminds me of my Kick training, like whoa) in order to become the runner that I want to be. I mean today I accomplished a pretty major goal – I ran my longest, probably a little bit over 7 miles which is awesome. But – I just wish I could get to the point where I wasn’t letting my brain take over now and then – there were times I was in close to panic mode because I thought I wasn’t going to make it and I hate that feeling. I’m better than that. Good thing Scott was by my side to coach me through, he totally got me through the last two miles, that’s for sure.

So, food for thought: What’s the one thing that you really have a hard time “letting go” and just doing something that, in your mind, feels impossible?


In other bloggy news, go check out my guest post over at Faith, Fitness, and Fun. I wrote about my Kick journey for Tina, which was super fun especially since she loves Kick and was even considering becoming a certified instructor, maybe once baby #2 is born she’ll consider it again. Blogger/kick meet-up in Atlanta, anyone? I’d make the trek, that’s for sure. 😉


15 thoughts on “Letting the body do what the mind thinks is impossible

  1. congrats on the 7-miles! i know what you mean about going into panic mode. when that happens, i just try to take deep breaths, control my breathing and don’t think about it. the more i think about it, the more i stress myself out. i just let it happen and visualize what i want to happen. that and some music that makes me feel badass usually helps – eminem works great for that. 🙂

    • God, I sooo hope you’re right Naomi. I tried to visualize but everytime I did I thought of water, iced tea, etc. LOL. I think the thirst factor was my biggest issue today – if not for that, this would’ve been a killer run I’m sure of it!

  2. Um yes, I felt the SAME way yesterday…totally wanted to drink from any water hose I could find, but having a running partner helped me get through it too. We CAN DO IT! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the run! I am such an overthinker too (maybe it’s a PR thing?? ;)) and I am also a runner with the goal of half – or full – marathon (someday, not signed up) … every run I start it takes me so much willpower to get going and I have that same “why am I doing this again??” thought, but then I eventually hit my stride and feel soooo good when it is done! 🙂 By the way, Lil Wayne is my Red Bull shot to the arm (via my IPod) just when I need it. 😉

    Keep up the pace!

    • Ah yes, totalllly a PR thing, seriously. Brain does not know how to shut off and just “be” you know what I mean?? But yes, once you hit that stride, it’s go, go, go! I just wish that “stride” would show up quicker sometimes, right?? (thanks for stopping by, btw!)

  4. I’m a big believer that in order to make something happen, you have to think it first, thinking becomes believing and believing becomes action. We can make anything possible. It’s all within us. You can say God gives you everything you need to accomplish your goals. You just have to tap into it to access the power, the strength, the ability to make whatever it is happen for yourself. Manifesting our dreams is completely within our power. So, what’s the point of this rant?
    Change that headline – letting the body do what the mind thinks is POSSIBLE. That’s the first step. You’ll be stuck in a tough head game if you use words like impossible. Lord knows a big challenge like this is a tough enough mind game as it is! Keep that positive reinforcement going in all aspects of this – as you run, as you plan your training and mostly importantly as you think about this and write about this – because it all starts as an idea, then a word, then action.

  5. I want to have a meet up in ATL!

    CONGRATS on the 7 miles, first of all – that is awesome! Those runs that are challenging mentally are the ones that can make us the most proud. I think it’s so wonderful that you have Scott there by your side, and you guys can provide constant motivation to each other – maybe without even realizing it, just by being there!

    LOVED your guest post, BTW. 🙂

    • Ahh thank you (re: guest blog) – it was such fun to write! Love Tina’s blog 😉

      And thank you for your words of encouragement – I guess now that it’s sunk in, 7 miles is something to be pretty proud of huh? Especially not being a “runner” and all. I’ll take it 😉

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