Why I blog (revisited)…

…It’s my outlet to share my passion for fitness, healthy living and balance.

…It’s all mine and I’m very proud of what I’ve created in just under 8 months.

…It’s a sounding board. I have some of my best realizations by blogging. A post could start out as one thought and morph into another in the 20-minutes it takes me to write the post. Amazes me every time.

…I love to write. My day job is very techy, so this is my way of keeping those creative juices flowing in a decidedly non-techy way.

…It keeps me honest.  In my workouts (rest days – ahhh).  In my desire to find and maintain balance (oh wine, pizza, chocolate, how I love you dearly in spite of it all)

…It’s made me realize that fitness and good health are much more important to me than I thought way back in October when I launched this here blog. It’s a lifestyle, it’s what I love, it’s what I want to be continue to find ways to instill that passion in others, inspiring them in any way that I can.

…It’s enabled me to make some amazing bloggy friends that I cannot wait to meet IRL (Heather — can we start a countdown to the Cathe Road Trip yet?)

…It defines me. Yes, my blog defines me in a way that not much else in my life do aside from loved ones. Work doesn’t define me. But somehow this blog does, funny that. More on this in future posts, I’m sure…

In a nutshell – I blog for me, but also (and more so) for you. I hope that comes through in my posts – my desire to share my passion, and not in a “woo, look at meeee and all my workouts” kind of way – but in way that, if it inspires just one person to get off the couch and go to the gym, well then, my job here is done. Somehow I feel the need to leave an impact in life, rather than just going through the motions.

As I read on a dove chocolate wrapper this week:

“Love yourself, dare to dream, live on purpose.”

So that’s what I’m trying to do – living on purpose.


As you can tell, I’m doing a lot of thinking, mulling, ruminating. For now, I’m very grateful for this blog, and for all of you that listen to what I have to say everyday. Funny enough, Naomi‘s post today on blogging is the one that got me thinking about my reasons for blogging to begin with. Thanks for the inspiration my dear, blog it up and never apologize for it, sista!