Living, simply

Living, simply.

Defines my weekend.

There was…

…An awesome long run on Saturday. (thinking 7.5 miles or so but need to clock it…)

…Not one, but TWO, days spent at the beach.

…An incredible 30th birthday bash for one of my best friends’ husband. In a word, it was EPIC.

Our cooler “marking our piece of paradise” (great song, btw)

At the 30th birthday bash – with the fantastic hostess of the night and one of my most favorites in the world (I’m on the right, in case you were wondering)

With the hubs – doesn’t he look cute 😉

Our “Wicked Half” partner in crime – Meg (and previous guest blogger)

And finally, the birthday boy himself – Happy 30th Shane!!!

Couldn’t resist this one – sums up the night pretty much. Awesome.

So this post is dedicated to living, simply.

No stress.

No worries.

No fears.

Just life – simple, happy, perfect.

13 thoughts on “Living, simply

  1. LOVE this post!! And uh, you totally stole my inspiration for the post I have brewing in my mind for today…around some of my favorite moments of the weekend. You’ve captured a handful that I also have in my mind as well. I LOVE the pics, and the last one of Scott and Shane was awesome, I don’t remember that one!

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    • Glad ya’ll liked the post, a bit of a diversion from the “usual” huh? Too bad everyday couldn’t have been like this past weekend, then life truly would be simple 🙂

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  5. Wow – what a FUN weekend!! You look absolutely GORGeous, by the way!

    I love weekends (or hell, even days!) like that. Where you can just appreciate everything as it happens, and be happy in the moment. I’m so glad you had one of those weekends!

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