On “Who would’ve thought moments…”

As you can imagine, after coming down from such an amazing self-imposed long weekend high, I was in need of a little “inspiration” if you will, leading into the work week last night.

Enter Joel Osteen, and a recording that had been sitting on my DVR since April.

I swear – his words always come at just the right time – I mean, what I’m about to share with you has been sitting on  my DVR for months and just watching it last night, his message was just what I needed to hear right now, not back in April when I recorded it. Incredible how God continues to work in mysterious ways.

Joel’s service last night was all about what he calls “Who would’ve thought moments.” Basically, that if we firmly put our faith and our future in God’s hands, and believe in that future (even if we can’t see it to believe it), goodness will follow. His advice? Get in agreement with God and His plan versus trying to talk yourself out of whatever future He has in store for you. His view is that when there’s an expectancy on the inside, that expectancy will become reality. Essentially – Joel’s message was one of urgency, urging all of us to dare to activate our faith. Believe what we might not be able to see, feel it, embrace it, and you’ll soon have those “who would’ve thought moments,”too.

Those moments could be…

...finally having the child you always dreamed and hoped for (this was a real-life example he shared of one couple who couldn’t conceive on their own and after lots of trials and tribulations, were unexpectedly blessed with an adopted baby boy…and it happened at exactly the right time for them, almost as soon as they re-activated their faith).

a new job, a dream job, or even just the chance to follow that dream to the job you’ve always wanted but never dared to chase after.

a chance to touch and inspire others. (this was where Joel shared his story of how he came to minster the church to begin with…something he firmly believed he’d never do, but lo and behold, 10 years later, he was ministering the church, who would’ve thought…).

What I loved about Joel’s message (and what I love about ALL of his messages, to be honest) is how real, non-“preachy” (if that makes sense) and how attainable it all felt as I sat on the couch listening to him last night. His urging to “get out of your head, letting the seed (of our dreams) take root” spoke so deeply to me. I am such a head-case, as you all know very well by now, that I truly believe that if I can let go (in more ways than one), I’ll soon have those “who would’ve thought moments,” whatever those “moments” turn out to be.

Who would’ve thought…?

6 thoughts on “On “Who would’ve thought moments…”

  1. I’ve found myself in many “Who would have thought? moments” in the last year and a half or so. And every time they happen, I’m still always surprised. Guess it’s time for me to have a little more faith, huh?

  2. His messages always sound so thought provoking and wonderful. I have heard one or maybe two but every time you mention them it makes me want to hear every single one.

    I think my entire life is “who would’ve thought” right now. I got married and had my first kid MUCH sooner than I anticipated. I really expected my life to go in a completely different direction but I praise God every day that it didn’t. God truly is so amazing.

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