July 4th – in pictures

This weekend, in a word – heavenly.

It was perfect – in.every.single.way. I’m at a loss for words for how to describe it so I’m not even gonna try. Instead, pictures (and maybe, a video or two!) will have to do.

I’ll be back to “regular blogging” tomorrow, I promise…lots of workout talk to be had. 😉


Upon arrival on Friday afternoon – Mousam Lake, how I’ve missed you so…

Two ridiculously happy sisters (this is still Friday afternoon, mind you!)

Scott and I at Ted’s (our new “upon arrival in Maine” tradition – had the BEST lobster roll ever there on Friday night, and ate every last bit, guilt-free, or as “guilt free” as I can be…I’m workin’ on it, ok?? ;))

The lake on Saturday morning – official “day one” of nothing but lounging on the dock in the sun, reading books (almost done with “The Lovely Bones” such a good book)

My hottie of a husband after his first Jetski ride of the season – talk about happy camper, look at that smile! 🙂

I promised a “floaties” pic so here you go – albeit a horrible picture of me, check out that “lake hair” I got goin’ on!!

Another “yay we’re in Maine” shot – can’t wipe those grins off our faces if you tried!

And finally, *this* is how I started my day today – taking some early-morning shots of the lake just after sunrise, and right after a quick run down the camp road before we dunked in the lake and headed home, and back to “reality” (aka work, albeit an hour late!):

It was SO peaceful, serene and calm, I couldn’t resist taking a quick video on my digital camera – quality isn’t great but it captures the essence of this morning perfectly. You can hear the birds quietly chirping, the waves lapping the shore, and a lone boater puttering down the lake just before 6am.

Ahhh…utter and complete serenity.