July 4th – in pictures

This weekend, in a word – heavenly.

It was perfect – in.every.single.way. I’m at a loss for words for how to describe it so I’m not even gonna try. Instead, pictures (and maybe, a video or two!) will have to do.

I’ll be back to “regular blogging” tomorrow, I promise…lots of workout talk to be had. 😉


Upon arrival on Friday afternoon – Mousam Lake, how I’ve missed you so…

Two ridiculously happy sisters (this is still Friday afternoon, mind you!)

Scott and I at Ted’s (our new “upon arrival in Maine” tradition – had the BEST lobster roll ever there on Friday night, and ate every last bit, guilt-free, or as “guilt free” as I can be…I’m workin’ on it, ok?? ;))

The lake on Saturday morning – official “day one” of nothing but lounging on the dock in the sun, reading books (almost done with “The Lovely Bones” such a good book)

My hottie of a husband after his first Jetski ride of the season – talk about happy camper, look at that smile! 🙂

I promised a “floaties” pic so here you go – albeit a horrible picture of me, check out that “lake hair” I got goin’ on!!

Another “yay we’re in Maine” shot – can’t wipe those grins off our faces if you tried!

And finally, *this* is how I started my day today – taking some early-morning shots of the lake just after sunrise, and right after a quick run down the camp road before we dunked in the lake and headed home, and back to “reality” (aka work, albeit an hour late!):

It was SO peaceful, serene and calm, I couldn’t resist taking a quick video on my digital camera – quality isn’t great but it captures the essence of this morning perfectly. You can hear the birds quietly chirping, the waves lapping the shore, and a lone boater puttering down the lake just before 6am.

Ahhh…utter and complete serenity.


12 thoughts on “July 4th – in pictures

    • Seriously, it was THE BEST time, lake hair and all. There is just something extra special about not having to “do” my hair OR wear any sort of makeup for the entire weekend. Not gonna lie, it was tough to do this AM before work 😉

  1. Glad you had fun at the lake! I missed being at the lake this weekend so much. Hopefully we will get the chance to go at least one time this year.

  2. Oh my gosh….that looks like a PERFECT weekend! You can tell you all look so relaxed and just happy. I’m so glad you had a great time! Those are the best weekends….when we’re with those we love (and being some place beautiful doesn’t hurt, either). 😉

    I can’t view videos at work (grrrr), but I’m checkin’ this out when I get home!

  3. What an awesome weekend!! So happy you had a well-deserved relaxing and HAPPY weekend!! 🙂 You and your sister are such pretty girls!! 🙂 It seems you really lived in the moment this weekend!! Love it!! 🙂

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