Ever have one of those days…

…where you feel like you could workout all day?

Uh yeah, me neither. 😉

But seriously, I’m having one of those days where I’d love to just spend it working out more and more and more. Call it early-Cathe RT fever, or call it antsy-pants after sitting in my office all day glued to my desk.

Whatever “it” is (and I have a few sneaking suspicions!), I am definitely antsy, feeling like I have loads of energy to burn off and no outlet to do so. I already did a whammy of a workout this morning – went back to Power today (for a little change of pace, plus with the long weekend, my time to fit in weight training ala STS was a little bit limited – only so many days in the week, right?) followed by Ride. That back-to-back combo is a doozy, and a total sweat-fest which I LOVED every minute of.

I’ve obviously more than done my workout for the day – though I’ve been neglecting those abs again – must get back on track there asap. So why the extra energy lurking? I’m thinking after spending MOST of the weekend outside, by the lake, in the lake, running in the early-AM cool before the heat settled in for the day, etc.,  and being chained to my desk has been a little bit shocking, in a way,  after feeling so “free” all weekend. The good news is that the work week is FLYING by (not necessarily a good thing with lots of deadlines looming!) and I’ll soon be outside enjoying the summer air once again. And – as my hubby so kindly pointed out last night, just seven working days until I’m back in Maine on vacation for the week!

Which brings me to my next (rambling) point – I’d LOVE a few guest blogger volunteers for the week I’ll be on vacation (week of July 19). Ideally, I’m thinking a handful of guest posts for that week will keep things chugging along nicely in my absence (no Internet whatsoever at the camp in Maine!) so if you’d like to guest blog for me, leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I’d love to have ya!

I have lots of other bloggy thoughts stored up from my weekend in Maine (mostly some revelations around running and body image – not necessarily interrelated, per se) which I’ll share with you tomorrow. For now, I leave you with a few rambles and a request for guest bloggers. That’s all I got. 😉