“Run if you can, walk if you must, crawl if you have to – just don’t stop.”

“Run if you can, walk if you must, crawl if you have to – just don’t stop.”

This is the quote that caught my eye immediately while catching up on blog reading last night – this came from Jag’s Fitness Blog, one of the newer blogs I’ve been following. It was part of her half marathon recap which, I must say, TOTALLY sucked me in. I have a feeling I will be going through pretty much the same range of emotions she went through during her race – not gonna lie, her post left me equal parts inspired, equal parts nervous as hell for my own half marathon plans! I suppose nerves, when harnessed properly, can work well in a race setting – but I fear that if I’m TOO nerves-filled, it’ll backfire. So – like I’ve said in the past, my goal is to cross that starting line feeling as ready as ever to conquer those 13.1 miles as best as I can. I have a feeling it’ll be my #1 accomplishment for 2010 (close second? The Group Kick certification :)) – hence my desire to keep this quote as near and dear to my heart in the next couple of training-filled months as possible.

As for this running thang, on my morning run with Scott this morning, I got to thinking about how cyclical my workouts/workout goals have been this year. For six months it was all about kick, kick, kick. And now? I’ve transitioned into running, running, running my way to September 25. I sort of patted myself on the back when I got to thinking about how being focused on ONE goal vs. multiple goals is a good thing. Remember way back when – during my Kick journey when I was feeling super frustrated and all over the place? It was mainly because I was trying to do/accomplish too much at once. It was about weight training and running and Kick, all rolled into one. I took a step back at that point and focused on Kick and it got me where I needed to be. Now – while I still love Kick, it’s sort of been a blessing that I’ve not been on the regular group fitness class rotation at my gym this summer. It’s enabled me to focus on running and preparing to train for the half.

Funny how God works in just the right way, huh? At first, I was admittedly so bummed that I didn’t have a full-time class on the schedule – but now, I’m ok with it. Of course, I’m hoping that by fall/winter, there will be an opportunity or two to add more classes to the schedule so my sister and I can teach regularly, but for now, I’m happy right where I am. And proud of what I’ve already accomplished, running-wise so far. I’m able to run a consistent 5-6 miles during any given weekday workout and have been working towards longer and longer “long runs” on the weekend. My last one was just over 7 miles…and this weekend, my sister, Steph and I are aiming for a whopping 9 miles. Eeek. I’ll be sure to report back on that one on Saturday!!

For now, I’ll sit here visualizing the three of us ROCKING that run, complete in super-cute running shorts we’ll all be sporting from Old Navy. I just tried them out this morning and LOVED them. Funny how a new set of workout gear can work wonders for added workout motivation. 🙂


Side note – still looking for a couple more guest bloggers for the week of July 19! Love to have you if you’re interested 🙂

12 thoughts on ““Run if you can, walk if you must, crawl if you have to – just don’t stop.”

  1. Funny, i was also thinking of the one-focus-one-goal thing this morning and how we are all run run run now and not kick kick kick. All good and excited for the weekend run. Eek 😉

  2. Love the quote. Sounds like not having a class was a blessing in disguise after all huh? I just hope that with the race you enjoy it. I am horrible about not enjoying the race, so caught up in beating my PR and such. I think this quote is perfect b/c it’s more about the actual accomplishment.

  3. Awesome that you’re feeling so great about where you are right now!! God most definitely knows what he’s doing and everything happens for a reason. I love how excited you get about working out!! 🙂

  4. I certainly agree that it is better to have one goal and focus at a time. I really try to do that with my own aspirations. Great way to think. And I bet you will do great with the half!

  5. i love this quote too. at my work, every employee has a tile created with a photo of them and their favorite quote. this was my quote. i know you’re going to rock it on sept 25th!

  6. It really IS funny how things work out! Look at the amazing goal you’ll be able to accomplish this year, something that might not be possible if you had your own Kick class! I think the same of my situation, about all of the things I wouldn’t have tried if I were still able to run. I guess God really does know what He’s doing, huh? 🙂

    And wahoo for cute new running shorts! Yes, new workout clothes DO make a difference in motivation. 🙂 Hey, whatever works…right?!!

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