9+ miles strong

We did it! We ran our longest training run yet – albeit a little bit early in the training schedule for a 9+ miler, but we wanted to challenge ourselves so we went for it.

Who is “we” you ask?

My sis Jo (obv) and my fab friend and kick-mate, Steph. We convinced her that it’d be a great idea to join us in our half marathon ambitions this fall. 😉

So – we met up around 7am, nice and early before the really muggy HOT day really got going. Too bad it was already muggy at that time of the morning because it only got worse from there. The good news? Our route took us by the ocean and the beach so we got some good doses of ocean breezes mixed in with the hot sun blasting down on us.

I have to say – I was feeling really good about our planned long run this morning. I made sure to hydrate last night before bed and drank some water this morning en route to Steph’s house to make sure I didn’t have a repeat of my last long run where the only thing I could focus on was how darn THIRSTY I was the entire time. I felt ready this morning.

And ready I was! I felt good the entire time, not overheated (hot, but not overly so), not gasping for air, legs felt strong, no shin splints in sight. Rocking those new running shorts (which Jo and Steph had on too, all matchy-matchy, ha!), too. We stopped briefly at the halfway point to take in the ocean air and the beach – I wish I had a camera because the view was gorgeous (reminds me – how do you bloggers take pics while running, I have no idea how I’d manage it unless I took my phone with me??).

Anyway, we all ran well, even my sis who was struggling with the remnants of a cold – I’m so proud of her for getting it done, I know she was worried she’d have to stop or turnaround but she trucked right along. A total trooper – she gets the gold medal for the day, that’s for sure! By the time we finished, about 2 hours later (with a couple walking breaks), we’d burned roughly 1150 calories and our sweaty, SMELLY selves worked for every single calorie burned. Whoa nelly – I’ve never smelled so bad, seriously.  After an incredible breakfast of scrambled eggs and whole wheat banana pancakes (sorry no pics!), Jo and I decided we had also earned a much-needed pedicure, which we’ve just returned from. My feet look gorgeous (OPI Dutch Tulips anyone?) and…I’m pooped.

But – what I learned today? Hell – we *totally* got this half marathon! If we can already manage 9-ish (probably 9.5 miles all told) miles, we can certainly make it to 13.1. Yes – we still have work to do to get there but we’ve got PLENTY of time to train – and now that I”m feeling much more confident and less freaked out at the mere thought of 13.1 miles, I’m downright excited for September 25 to roll around! In fact, we’re talking about a race motto to turn into tank tops to wear on race day. One motto we’ve been toying with? “13.1 or bust!” on the front and “Run if you can, walk if you need to, crawl if you have to – but just don’t stop” on the back. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?