That thing called faith…

So y’know that thing called faith I’m always talking about?

Yeah, I saw and felt it in action this week in a big way.

My father-in-law – who I love as a “second” father figure in my life – is in the hospital, has been there since early yesterday, even spending some of that time in the ICU (I’ll leave the details of “what” ails him out, for obvious reason).

And I’ve been worried sick. Praying like crazy. Soliciting any and all thoughts, prayers, good vibes and anything else I could think of that would make their way to him. Last night, I saw that faith in action. After going through a few rough patches before they transferred him to a better hospital in Boston, by late last night he was doing world’s better. Like night and day. And all I could do was say “thank you.” “Thank you” to friends, family, colleagues,¬† andblog friends (Heather, you are amazing, just had to say that) for praying right along with me because I firmly believe it made all the difference last night.

Now if only that would transfer to my husband who is still worried sick – even though his dad is surrounded by the best doctor’s in the world – he feels helpless. I can’t blame him for that. He has a special bond with his dad, as the youngest of four, his dad always took him under his wing just a smidge more than the others. And, as a result, Scott is such his father’s son – he worries like him, he has a fierce commitment to his family like him, he has a heart of gold like him, and a sense of duty like him, something I’ve never, ever seen before in anyone in my life before I met and married into a pretty amazing family.

So – to say that I’m thankful and grateful and faithful is an understatement. I am still saying prayers and relying on my faith that the doctor’s will figure out what’s wrong and will fix it. My father-in-law is a trooper and as stubborn as hell (perhaps even more stubborn than me, but that’s debatable!) so I know full-well that he will work hard to recover as quickly as he can. Besides, he can’t stand everyone worrying over him, peering in at him in the hospital like that. So I know he’ll be home very soon.

It’s amazing what something like this does for perspective. Really brings to light what’s most important in life. It’s not that impending deadline at work. It’s not those nagging bills sitting in the mailbox waiting to be paid. It’s sure as hell¬† not how many calories you burned at your last workout!

What IS important?


Friends (and friends who are like family – you know who you are…)