Annnnd cue “exhale”


Huge exhale…

Because my father-in-law was released from the hospital tonight and is on the road to recovery. It’ll require some lifestyle changes but all for the better. At the end of the day, he’s alive and home where he belongs: with my mother-in-law, watching their favorite TV shows before dozing off in his favorite chair in the living room (MASH is his favorite, but only when Scott’s around so they can quote the entire – yes entire – show from start to finish…seen that once or twice, or ten times before. ;))

I’m thankful and grateful and relieved. I’ve felt such support and love from so many of you – my blog friends, my IRL friends, my family and even complete strangers (my sister, Jen, had her church praying for us too which was so touching to hear). Amazing what faith can do to bring people together.

<deep sigh of relief>


I’m thisclose to a fantastic week away from work. An ENTIRE week. I keep repeating it because I don’t quite believe it yet myself. Vacations always have a way of leaving me so flustered, stressed, head-spinning – trying to get everything done at work, trying to get the house in order before we leave, even making sure my blog is good to go with all you guest posters. It’s a lot of work! I am NOT complaining mind you, just sayin – this vacation, I’m workin’ for it, wicked hahd as we say up here in Boston. 😉

What’s even better than knowing in less than 24 hours I’ll be floating in the lake once again – and for almost a full week? That my friend and her new husband surprised us with a trip up from Florida for the weekend. My sister and I grew up with her, went to school with her and have stayed in touch – her in particular since they were very much eachother’s support system’s through their separate divorces. We ALWAYS have a blast together and I can’t wait to catch up – there will be LOTS of food, LOTS of wine (maybe even some tequila if Amy has her way!) and LOTS of laughing. There will also be LOTS of pictures to document it all, I promise you that!

Needless to say – I’m still feeling a little frazzled thinking about my to-do list at work tomorrow – but I’ll be damned, it’s almost over and then it’s a week of amazing good times, lots of catching up with the hubs after a very stressful and draining week for us both, and as much non-thinking as I can muster. Oh – and there will be workouts – mostly running, hopefully some longer runs too…but nothing too crazy otherwise. It *is* vacation afterall, right?

Long story short – I’m still exhaling, still grateful, and very, very happy.

Thank you all again for your amazing love and support! ((hugs!!))


9 thoughts on “Annnnd cue “exhale”

  1. Thank you so much for letting us know your father-in-law is home and happy! (too funny about the MASH thing!) It’s time for you to concentrate on your vacation and enjoy your much-needed get-away. Have a blast on your vacation and allow yourself to unwind! L>

  2. So glad to hear the news about your FIL. Perfect timing so you can just enjoy this much-needed vacation. I always get frazzled before trips too. Just remember, you can always buy anything you forget (except maybe contact lenses). All you really need is your bathing suit, sunscreen and some wine 😉

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  4. Oh, girl, I am SO glad he is okay and released from the hospital! I really hope you’re enjoying your vacation this week and that he continues to feel better. You deserve some R&R, so soak it up this week!

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