Vacations are for…

…exhaling. Deeply.


…rekindling friendships (hello Amy & Eric!)

…cuddling with the hubs (who deserves it after this week with his dad and root canal part II last night!)

…whooping it up with my sis (well, hopefully both sisters at some point next week)


…running, running, running (that half ain’t going away anytime soon!)

…eating, lots of yummies

…drinking a lot little sangria, perhaps a margarita.


….living. Simply.

<I hope to be doing a lot of this!  Ha, sorry, couldn’t resist this pic of my mom’s dog Pepper on our last trip to Maine, totally conked out on the dock by the lake…ahh the life of a dog…much like “human” vacations if you think about it, huh? ;)>


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