Guest Post: Why I run

Kicking off this week’s guest posts while I’m on vacation – picture me floating around the lake as you read this, and yes, be jealous. 🙂

In all seriousness, I asked Jo to write me a guest blog because, well, she’s my workout companion most of the time (aside from Scott, of course!) and we share SO many goals and dreams, fitness-wise and otherwise, I wanted her to post her version of “Why I run.” Of course, after reading her post, I’m all teary, as usual (call it our sisterly bond!).

So…without further ado – Jolene’s version of “Why I Run.”

When Jess asked me to write a guest post on ‘why I run’ – my first answer to that question was – “Jess.”

She’s why I run.


She got me into running kicking and screaming about a year and a half ago and the very first run I did with her, I absolutely hated. In fact, I abhorred it. And I abhorred her for *forcing* me to run. I could barely run one minute straight at one time – and this was ridiculously frustrating since I’m just as much of a fitness freak as Jess is, yet I was huffing and puffing and getting excruciating side cramps, yet she was running like a champ on the treadmill next to me. WTF?

Fast forward to today and now, I want to prove to her – and me – that I am a runner. That I can do it, and that dammit, I will run the hell out of that half marathon in September (if last weekend’s 9+miler is any indication – we got this!).

Why else do I run?

…because it’s always, always, always a challenge for me. And I dig a challenge. Running is more difficult than any other workout – even training for Kick, no joke – for me, because I have to focus on being good at it and it doesn’t come naturally. But that’s why I love it.

…because yeah, it torches some serious calories. That’s why I love it.

…because of the camaraderie. I have some fantastic friends that run (Meg, Steph, the ‘running group girls’ to name a few) and that can relate. That’s why I love it.

…because it’s always an accomplishment. Whether it is 3 miles, 5, 9 or more, it always feels rewarding, I always get a good workout and I’m always dripping in sweat. Now that’s a good sign of a workout that just can’t be beat. That’s why I love it.

And that’s why I run.


16 thoughts on “Guest Post: Why I run

  1. I love it!! And I can’t wait to run with you both again soon! I never thought I would like running with people, I thought I would be too stressed out trying to keep up, talk and run at the same time. But you both make it so much fun, and I’m so glad we started running together! 😉 And burning 1000+ calories TOTALLY makes it even more worth it.

    • Aw! So cute Steph, I know same here…I was so afraid to run with others, but I have a great time with you and Jess. And I am so glad we are friends. And hell yes to 1k cals!! bring it!!

  2. I wish my sister was close so we could run together. Though, she’s probably a bit glad she doesn’t have to run with me LOL. Running is most definitely a challenge isn’t it. For me it’s more of a mental challenge than a physical one. If I could just stop thinking I’d be better off.

    • Mentally – YES, it is such a challenge for me too, almost as much as it is physically. I need to stop thinking. I just can’t for some reason!! I wish you and your sis could run together too!

    • Yes, in my peak “running days”, I noticed the mental and physical aspect of running. There is certainly a “mental”/”thinking” side to the sport.

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