Guest Post: The Insanity Defense

This guest post brought to by fellow blogger and newfound Insanity lover, 2blu2btru. She claims not to be a fitness buff but anyone who can do the Insanity workouts has got to be at least a little bit crazy motivated to give them a shot, right?  After reading her post, it’s confirmed my desire to give Insanity a whirl- maybe this fall, post-Wicked Half? Hmm…

Enjoy – and thanks for reading despite how disconnected I am being away and all. 😉

The Insanity Defense

I am not a fitness blogger. I am a writer. My blog is mostly about relationships or movie reviews.  I am not even what most would consider fit. I struggle with trying to find my fitness passion, my motivation, and my willpower when it comes to working out. Sweat and I don’t get along most days. I have a low tolerance for sore muscles and weight loss plateaus. I am a quintessential couch potato.

Let me be clear about my workout goals. I want my abs back. I had a very nice figure in high school, and I would like it back. I haven’t had kids or anything, but somewhere along the way my figure went right and I went left. I would love to say I want to exercise for my well-being, to be healthy, to do something good for myself, but my primary reason is because I want to be thin again. Being slightly less than five feet tall, it doesn’t take a lot of extra weight for me to look like a little bowling ball. I’d rather look like a coke bottle.

I have tried to begin the couch potato to 5k training program. I have tried to do Capoeira and Carmen Electra Striptease and Kim Kardashian’s workouts in my living room. I’ve been in the gym on the stair stepper, the elliptical, and the ab machines. I’ve played tennis. I’ve walked along the beach for miles. I enjoy engaging the practice of yoga on a regular basis. Yet I still haven’t found a fitness passion. There hasn’t been anything that I’ve felt as anticipatory about as I used to of my swim practice and afternoon runs on the track in high school, or on long bike rides around town. There hasn’t been anything that I rush home to do. Bottom line, I am most passionate about finding excuses not to hit the play button on any exercise.

I didn’t think that Insanity would be any different. I had heard about the concept behind Insanity for a while.  I knew Insanity, like P90X, is built around the concept of muscle confusion. Basically, you keep your body guessing. Your muscles can’t get used to the motions. You don’t hit the plateaus you may in regular exercise. You can burn up to one thousand calories per workout. This exercise isn’t about connecting to your body or renewing your mind/body/spirit connection—it’s about torching fat.

When I first became in possession of this DVD, I had mixed feelings. Can you develop a passion for an exercise routine in which the sole purpose is to burn calories? Could a couch potato like me, someone who rarely works out, keep up with the insanity? Would I be able to find the willpower and motivation to see this through?

Mr. Perfect, my boyfriend, gym rat that he is, forever willing to join me in exercise routines in an effort to help me find my fit passion, got the DVD for me and agreed to do the fit test with me. The results? I’m not very fit; he is. But I was pleasantly surprised. I am not very fit, but I could do it. I couldn’t do as many as the participants in the video, but I could do the moves. I couldn’t breathe and guzzled water, but I could feel it working.

Beyond this feeling of confidence, I also liked that the participants seemed like real people. They were tired, sweaty, breathing hard. They had moments where they were fighting through to the end of the minute intervals. The workout makes you dig down deep to find that little extra to follow through and finish, and when you find it, you feel what I like to call exercise nirvana. All of a sudden, you find the breath, you hit the sweet spot where your body and breath work together to get ‘er done.

Is Insanity my fitness passion? Nope. But it’s returned to me something else that has been missing from my workout regimen—it brought back my competitive nature, reignited my love of a challenge. And it torched quite a few of my fat cells and made me revive my love affair with water.

I’m still searching for the physical activity that I want to get up early in the morning for, that I would miss if I missed a day. But what I do have is a renewed sense of all the other benefits of exercise besides flat abs and sculpted thighs. I have reconnected with my physical body, learned to use my yoga breathing practices to aid my body in physical challenges, and began to treat my body like a temple again. I am officially INSANE!


9 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Insanity Defense

  1. Wow, you started your first challenging workout with Insanity? As a Beachbody Coach, I know that is a brave, brave decision! You WILL get your abs back and you will get AMAZING results.

    What makes the workout fun? It’s the INTENSE challenge! If you got thru the fit test reasonably well, that alone should be considered a success and an indication of how the program will develop your “new” body.

    Now, you have some nice things to look forward to when you are done with Insanity. How does Insane Asylum sound? Yep, it’s going to be part II of your challenge. It is currently in production along with several very, very challenging programs Beachbody is pioneering.

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story about the Insanity Workout. Personally, I’ve never done it. However, if Jessica gives it a try in the fall, I just might get “insane” with her!

    Keep us updated on your progress!

  2. Ok you just described me to a T… I am on the same boat and am constantly asking Jess how to get motivated, how not to hate sweating, how to enjoy the muscle aches. Maybe I should give Insanity a whirl and hopefully like you, make it through alive! Thank you for this post, this was an excellent guest blog and I totally related to it… 🙂

    • I would recommend you at least try the fit test–it gives you a good estimation of how the program is going to be. It is very simple to follow. But be warned: you will sweat A LOT! At first I HATED that, but after a while when you’re body is on FIRE, that sweat feels nice and cool, lol…and so does a LONG shower after. I’m so glad you liked the post! I’m not the only non-fitness lover out there! Yay! 😀

  3. That actually sounds pretty awesome…insanity has been so intriguing to me that I may just hafta try it this fall 😉 good post and very inspiring!!

  4. Yeah, I feel better about myself when they have to take breaks…however, when Tanya (I think) completely obliterates my numbers in the fit test I get a bit frustrated.

    There is something about the simplicity, yet pure challenge of Insanity, that makes it easy to come back to everyday. I think most people that give it a real chance will feel the same.

    It took me a week straight before I could really get into it, (that was after my entire body stopped burning!) but then I was hooked.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Loved hearing about your Insanity experiences! You’re all seriously driving me towards taking the plunge this fall…I’m never one to turn down a challenge afterall 🙂

    • That woman in the fit test portion makes me feel like an underachiever–then again so does my boyfriend, which is why I workout alone now, LOL! I love that the moves are so simple–I have no coordination or rhythm, so the dance videos and things are a trial. I mostly try to figure out which foot and arm to move when I do those. This reminded me of being in gym class in elementary school–on steroids! Hopefully I can stick with it and see those results more and more!

  5. Thanks so much for all of the love! 😀 This was my first ever guest blog, and I’m really happy with the response. I hope I’ve convinced you to at least keep searching for the workout/activity that you can feel passionate about, and given you something to try out! Be sure to have tons of water on hand…and a towel!

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