Rockclimbing – feeling a little fierce

Well – this wasn’t on my official “bucket list” but it should’ve been – rockclimbing, albeit indoor, is totally awesome, and left me feeling a little bit fierce, a little bit badass.

I went with my sis and our friend Mel (fellow blogger over at This is Why I Date – check her out if you haven’t!) – it’s actually been on the calendar for quite awhile but it still sorta snuck up on me anyway. Good timing though, just being back from vacation and all – not too shabby of a way to round out the vaca, I must say!

We signed up for a 3-hour introductory classes – basically everything we’d need to know to be able to rockclimb on our own at the gym we visited after the 3-hour class and training. We learned how to belay, we learned how to “tie in”, we learned the proper way to tie a knot and back-up knot (I’m still not too good at the back-up knot, but still), and of course – we learned to climb.

Not gonna lie – the climbing part was a blast, way more fun than the belaying, though it was kind of cool to know you could safely guide someone down the wall using just the belay rope and your own strength – especially when the guy on the wall probably had a good 60 lbs or so on me! I am woman, here me roar! LOL. <—total dork alert!

Here is a pic of each of us giving the climb a shot: (props to Mel who conquered her fear of heights, to boot!)




Pretty cool, huh?

In other fantastic weekend events – because, I had to make this weekend a goody to bid farewell to a fantastic week off from work afterall! – there was…

A pizza throwdown (Me and Scott vs. fellow Kick-er Anthony who has a FANTASTIC pizza oven in his backyard! There will be more on said “throwdown” over at Living a Zinful Life shortly…)

And an afternoon boat ride down the Charles River in Boston with some of my favorite friends in the world – Jeannine and her hubby (some of you know her from Life by the Day…). It was a gorgeous night, such fun to take in the city from the river for a change – and the wine out of plastic cups was a nice touch, too. Not gonna lie. 😉

So yes, weekend and vacation are winding down – but it was amazing, incredible and exactly what I needed. AND – to top it off, this is a short week of work for me…starting Thursday afternoon, I’ll be Cathe ROAD TRIP bound with my sis and a few friends from home and will be meeting up with a few RT-ers from last year AND with Heather, at LAST!! Workout weekend in t-minus 4 days!!

So – I can’t really complain about going back to work, not *really* anyway. 😉