7+ (mi.) before 7 (a.m.)

Well – it’s on folks, we’re just passed the two-month mark before the Wicked Half on September 25, and the running bug has bit me, “wicked haaaahd” as we say here in New England!

After last week’s vacation where there was plenty of running but little-to-no weight training, I made up for it over the weekend with some weight work, plus an awesome Group Power class yesterday before work.  So – this morning, I was itching for a really, really good run. As luck would have it -the weather was GORGEOUS this morning, practically screaming at me to get out there and run. Nice and cool at 5:30am when I hit the road with Scott, sun was just up, you could still see the full moon in the distance, seriously — what could be better?

Well – nothing, except for the fact that today was one of those “I could run forever” days. I felt good the entire time up until the last mile and a half of our route. We opted to add an extra loop at the end of our long running route near our house which to me, felt closer to 7.5 or 8 miles but I won’t know for sure until I clock it tonight. Based on the time it took (1:24 according to my HR monitor!) and the calories burned (856 baby!), it had to be closer to 8. That’s just a guessistimate though – and honestly, it doesn’t really matter the distance, the fact that I felt so good, and let my mind go this time, no overthinking here – I even took in the scenery – saw two bunnies along the way – until the very end made me SO HAPPY.

Talk about Runner’s High!

7+ miles before 7am – no better way to start my day. 🙂


In other news – have I mentioned how excited I am that the Cathe Road Trip is just FOUR DAYS away?? Well three for me since I’m flying in on Thursday night (officially the RT doesn’t start until Friday afternoon). I cannot wait to get there – and especially can’t wait to meet Heather which I know I’ve said a zillion times.  But seriously girl, we were definitely sisters in a past life – if our Facebook “convo” between my sis, your sis and the two of us last night is any indication. 😉