The Cathe Road Trip is finally upon us…

…and not gonna lie, I’m kind of freaking out!

Not in a bad way, but in an emotional overload kind of way. Why?

Well, let’s see…

My sis, Jo, and I have been working SO hard to be in great shape for the RT this year (and in general – hello, Group Kick!) so this sort of feels like a culmination of sorts (the half will be the rest of said “culmination” I think!).

I’m heading to New Jersey to catch up with some of my favorite Cathletes from last year (Ang, Andi, Jen – and new Cathlete Shannon) so it’ll sort of feel like a reunion.

AND – I am finally meeting Heather, who I swear was a sister in a past life. We are so alike and have formed a special bond through our blogging that to finally meet is going to be so, so, so surreal. And awesome and amazing.  Especially awesome as she’s also close with one of my sister’s and we’ve now gotten to know Heather’s sis too…all these connections, all through blogging, incredible stuff if you ask me.  (and just to put this one into perspective, we’ve been emailing all day about how weird some things will be to witness – like seeing how each of us “blogs” live and in person…something I never thought of until she brought it up!)

Of course – the other reason for my emotional state? How damn excited I am (alarmingly so, LOL) to workout ALL weekend long surrounded by fellow Cathletes and Cathe herself, who is amazing in her own right. In fact, I did a “last chance workout” (ala Biggest Loser) this morning just to get extra amped up – had another one of those great running moments like earlier this week, and even enjoyed it when it started to rain halfway through our run. It was great to get out there and take it all in – especially since my sis, Steph and Scott all joined me. It was sort of a training run for us in a way since we’re all doing the Half together. Woo.

What this all reminds me of? Just how incredible and amazingly so that fitness brings people together. In such unique and awesome ways. Love it.

On that note, I promise to keep up my blogging this weekend – though it might not be that regular, depending on how much downtime we’ll have in between things. If you’re really curious, you can check out the live webcam of our workouts online here: Maybe you’ll catch a glimse of us in total geek-out mode, mid-workout. 😉

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