And so it begins…workout weekend, day #1

So far, I’m loving life.

Despite a delay in Boston due to weather on the east coast, we managed to get to Philly/NJ by dinner time last night. Just in time to catch up with of our fellow “Sisterhood of the Traveling Cathletes” gals from last year – Angela. SO awesome to see her after a whole year has gone by – and what a year it’s been for her. We commented at dinner just how different things were last year for her, for my sister and for my friend from home, Andi, also on the Road Trip once again with us this year. The difference? This time last year, they were all going through the roughest part of their respective divorce journeys. This past year has been rocky in many ways for each of them but, now? They are all in a much better place – happier, at peace with their new singledom (Ang even has a new man in her life, yay!), and content with who they’ve evolved into: healthy, strong and independent women. It makes me so happy to see – they all deserve it more than words can describe.

So we had a great time at dinner, and back at our room, gabbing over a glass or two of wine which we thoroughly enjoyed, I might add. Slept like a bunch of babies last night and were up ready to go for our first workout of the weekend. Of course – we’re the die-hards that came down to the RT a day early JUST to get an extra “last-last” chance workout in before the “official” RT festivities begin this afternoon. Yes, call us crazy – but then, you all already knew that anyway. 😉 We hit a spin class at 9am this morning which was really good, and very sweaty. Must say – VERY different from the Group Ride I’m used to at home – this was less structured, more freestyle spinning than Group Ride. I enjoyed the class, worked as hard as I could (why not, right?) and felt great after. I looked around the room at all the sweaty, smiling faces, and couldn’t help but be filled with joy – this is going to be an incredible weekend, and it’s been one already, less than 24 hours in.

Now – I sit here blogging, anxiously waiting for Heather to land in Philly and make her way here for our quasi “reunion” – even though we have yet to meet, I feel like we’ve known eachother for years. Crazy, right?

I’ll try to take some pics tonight to post tomorrow of our reunion and tonight’s festivities – which will include a step/kickbox workout, a meet ‘n greet dinner, and a yoga stretch before we head back to our rooms for the night. Workout weekend continues! 🙂


6 thoughts on “And so it begins…workout weekend, day #1

  1. I love how I am always stuffing my face when I read your blog! 🙂 Ok you have to do the Zumba class for me this weekend! I know you and Jo have a hard time with the whole “dance” part of it, but try it! Do it for me… and then tell me how you like it! I loved it and totally looked forward to it every week. Till the gym made it too early and I couldn’t get there. 😦 Have fun this weekend and remember try Zumba!!

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