Workout weekend…day 2, in pictures

5 workouts – done and done.

They included:

  • 50 mins step/10 mins abs (400 calories)
  • Boot camp (40 mins; 250 calories)
  • Spinning (40 mins, 250 calories and BUCKETS of sweat on my part – who’s the cool kid who picked the bike with NO air circulation whatsoever??? Seriously, it was as if I was spinning in a downpour, that’s how soaked I was, and in under 40 mins, no less)
  • Yoga (40 mins; 100 calories)
  • Cardio Core Circuit/Intense Upper Body Blast (60 mins; 330 calories)
  • Total calories burned for day two: 1,330 (and that was after yesterday’s AM spin/PM kickbox/step challenge that burned off 900 calories, wowza!)
  • Endless memories…priceless.

<Just so ya’ll know – I’m posting the calorie burn for FUN more than anything else, I’m not going into hyper-obssessive numbers mode again, don’t you worry!>

Seriously, this weekend has been utterly incredible!! I wish I had time to capture it all here today but this has to be a quickie – gotta get back to my girls and a much-needed celebratory glass of wine before we head back to the gym for dinner and maybe a little Zumba action.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few pictures (more to come) of the fun to be had so far. I’m off to enjoy this glass of wine, while I race Heather to the blogging race finish! I must say – it’s so funny to see eachother actually blogging – and lemme tell you, meeting her this weekend has been a HUGE highlight of this weekend…more to come on that later. Pictures – as promised. 🙂

YAY! Me and Heather – doncha love our matching “I heart Cathe” t-shirts?? (more on this later)

Part of the “I heart Cathe” crew before the kickbox/step challenge last night

Me, Heather and Jo after class was over – a giant, sweaty mess, embrace the sweat!! <—you’ll note this was the mantra this weekend…

More to come tomorrow – LOTS more pics to share, and lots of memories to list!!

10 thoughts on “Workout weekend…day 2, in pictures

  1. Okay, seriously, I look the worst in all the pics, but irregardless, such a frigin blast, I am having so much fun (as I post this comment across the room from you, as I did to Heather’s!) 🙂

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