Delays, delays, delays

Before I get into my post ‘o the day (it’s a goody, I promise!), I have to apologize for being so distant the past few days! Between the Road Trip shenanigans (which yes, I am STILL sore from), and a right-off-the-bat work trip, I’m feeling very scattered, scrambled, very un-ME.

Part of that reason (there’s more to it than this, but this is far more fun to write about than all the “other” stuff I have on my mind…)? What I’d like to call the “are you sh*tting me” weekend of travel woes. Let’s see, where to begin…

Thursday – scoot out of work to catch an early-afternoon flight to the Road Trip. Get there with plenty of time only to be delayed for a couple hours. Oh well, there’s an airport bar right next to our gate, we happily hang out there, enjoying the calm before the RT-storm.

Sunday – RT is over. We’re sore. We’re tired. We’re ready to get home for much-needed showers, a fantastic meal by the hubs and a glass (or two) of wine. Delayed. This time for just about an hour. No biggie.

Monday – I’m off to the airport yet again for a quick trip to Phoenix for my IRL job. Arrive at Logan only to find out that my flight is delayed. Wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have a connection to make shortly after my first flight was scheduled to land. Finally arrive in Newark with no shot in hell of making my connection. Stuck in NEWARK for FIVE hours. NOT good times. Don’t arrive in Phoenix until 7:30 local time (10:30pm in my east coast brain!), forcing my clients to move back dinner to accommodate me. Lovely.

Tuesday – meetings all day, hit the airport for a 3:30pm flight home. Arrive in the terminal. Delayed. Are you sh*tting me?? This time for 30 minutes, no biggie because by now I’m not sure whether to laugh, cry, or a little bit of both – regardless, plenty of time to make my connection in Chicago. Arrive in Chicago with just enough time to grab a water and hit the next terminal. Get on the plane with no problems. Ready to pull back from the gate? Nope – held back while a computer was rebooted. Delayed by 30 minutes.

Seriously. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Needless to say, I did not make it home until about 2:30am this morning and I’ve not been the same since. I feel like a total zombie – even doing a new Cathe workout (Pyramid Upper Body) only worked for about an hour after the workout ended at zapping me out of my trance-like state.  This calls for? A full-on celebration of winesday. Sometimes its just gotta be done.

And on that note, while I had all these great plans for an uber-inspiring blog post today – I think I’ll save that one for tomorrow. My brain is a wee bit tired…and we’re inching towards wine ‘o clock as it is. 😉

Stay tuned for a goodie tomorrow (promise!)…all about this quote:

“Self confidence is the rock solid foundation to a skyscraper of happiness”


6 thoughts on “Delays, delays, delays

  1. Delays SUCK. NO way around that, and I’m sorry you had such crappy luck after such an amazing RT experience! And I am jealous about Pyramid, I must get it at some point. Loved Core Max, and am hurting from STS meso 2 like whooooa! 😉

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