“Self confidence is the rock solid foundation of a skyscraper of happiness”

As promised in yesterday’s post, I wanted to dedicate today’s post to this quote:

“Self confidence is the rock solid foundation to a skyscraper of happiness”

It comes straight from Caitlyn Boyle’s fantastic creation, Operation Beautiful – which is just an amazing movement in my view and I cannot wait to read the book from cover-to-cover.

It’s focused on something I know for a fact we ALL struggle with – self-confidence, body image, confidence. Everything about the movement falls in line with my whole “balanced” philosophy, too. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot more lately, very much along the lines of what my sister blogged about the other day.

And boy do I need to take a page from my own book today, especially around balance and confidence – as the quote I pulled from the Operation Beautiful book points out – self confidence is so deeply tied to happiness in life, it’s a shame when any of us let situations get the best of us, temporarily stealing our self confidence right out from under us.

And, like one of my favorite friends pointed out on her blog recently (tied to a very different subject entirely but totally applicable to anyone going through a difficult situation, big or small), sometimes what makes all the difference in the world, is simply a change in language, and therefore, in  perception of that situation. Had never thought of it that way, funny how even just small changes can  make all the difference in the world, huh?

With that – I’m off to re-build my skyscraper of happiness. Anyone care to join me?


8 thoughts on ““Self confidence is the rock solid foundation of a skyscraper of happiness”

  1. I am definitely willing to join you! It seems so sad really that we all seem to struggle with confidence. We cheer each other on typically, but totally forget to cheer ourselves on and to celebrate ourselves, our differences, our uniqueness. Instead, we nitpick perceived flaws, point out perceived imperfections. Those are the things that make each of us who we are though.

    • BINGO! I saw another post-it in the Operation Beautiful book that said “treat yourself as you would your friends” – which seems so obvious, but we all forget to treat ourselves with care, love and affection like we would a close friend.

  2. Oh, you’re so damn right. I just read your post around midnight CET after a nice evening with a friend and former room mate of mine. He shared the flat with me when I came to Munich and rent my first ‘real’ flat. And even though I moved to live in another flat together with my husband about 4.5 years ago, we’re still friends and still have those evenings with lots of wine and lots of talk.This gives me confidence as friends are the most important part in life and they can be the solid ground for a skyscraper of hapiness. Maybe I’ve got off topic too much but it was just one of those nights with lots of wine + talking 🙂

    • Totally love where you went with this, Julia! You’re so right in that friends are so important in life, for everything from confidence and support to a few good laughs and a glass (or three) of wine 🙂

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