The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good?

A better-than-anticipated run with Scott this morning. This despite soupy weather, WHOA humidity. A little bit under 6 miles, 600 calories later, and mentally prepared for what I knew would be a doozy of a day ahead, and the soupy run was worth it.

The bad?

It’s only Tuesday. I’ve had quite a week so far, as you can tell based on my complete and utter lack of blog posts since Friday – hello?! That is SO unlike me.

I have failed you all as your fearless blog leader.

Ok I’m being melodramatic, but you get the picture. I am way behind on many of your blogs and I apologize for that! It’s been one of those weeks (already) where I don’t quite know where the time goes but boy, do I feel spent when the day winds down.  And when I get home? All I want to do is spend what little time is left in the day catching up with Scott and enjoying the summer nights while they last. So I’ve been fairly disconnected blog-wise…and in all honesty, have been feeling less than inspired and was SO hoping to avoid another “Eeyore” blog post on ya’ll.

And now…for the ugly.

It’s only Tuesday.

‘Spose in the grand scheme of things if that’s the worst thing I’m faced with I’m doing pretty good, right? So I guess it’s not THAT ugly now that I’ve laid it out here for ya’ll. I’m just feeling scattered, scrambled and again – very un-ME. And I hate it.

I’m working through it (literally!), and promise to shake it off as soon as I can. I have to say, I am eternally reminded every time I get into one of these stress-filled funks that one of the best (and often ONLY) ways to let it all go? Working out. Sweating like a fiend and pushing myself as hard, physically (safely), as I can. Hence tomorrow’s plan for a double (Power/Ride – great combo) and plans for a longer run on Thursday and a doozy of a long run on Saturday. I am, yet again, so thankful to be ABLE to push myself this way, using my workouts as an outlet to relieve stress, refocus, and find ME again.

I’m also thankful for a fantastic husband who whipped up an amazing homemade creation tonight – quinoa-stuffed chicken, a mixed green salad and a surprisingly good glass of chardonnay. Another “good” in the good/bad/ugly that was today. 🙂

Tomorrow – I promise to return to regularly scheduled programming.

(and yet again, thank you for allowing me these spurts of “rant-y” blog posts versus my usual attempt at inspiring, fun and uplifting posts, at least now you know I’m far from perfect, right?)


11 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the ugly

  1. sooo not a rant. wow, we are bad at these rant posts, aren’t we? And I’m glad you recognize dinner with Scott and the glass of wine as a good thing during a bad day…that’s all that matters.

  2. i had the same title for my last post. if it makes you feel any better, you’ll always be 3 hrs closer to the weekend than me. 🙂 hope the week gets better (and goes by faster)!

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  4. Please never, ever apologize! Rant away! Feels better sometimes after typing it out…ya know?

    I hope you’re feeling better about things. I know “ruts” stink, especially because it’s really hard to figure out how to get out of them. Just remember all of your loved ones (including that wonderful cook of a husband!) and the fact that, well, it’s Thursday. 😉

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