What a difference…

…a day makes.

(thank you for your words of encouragement, as usual!)

But also, what a difference…in the spinning class I took this morning versus the one I took while Road Trippin’ it in New Jersey two weeks ago.

I mean – I always found the Group Ride class at my gym to be a challenge, particularly given how great the instructors are at our gym. They are motivating, they push you, they make it fun. But – I never had a point of comparison, so I thought this was just how ALL spinning class experiences were like.

Never assume.

The two spinning classes I took in New Jersey simply did NOT compare in any way to the Group Ride experience.

The instructors were not motivating. In fact, they hardly talked at all.  My sister and I both commented after that teaching that class would be SO easy, especially in comparison to what we’ve seen in Group Ride, and from personal experience teaching Group Kick!

The moves were monotonous and did not simulate the actual cycling experience. The positions were first, second and third position. In Ride – it’s ride, race, and climb. And when you’re riding – you feel like you’re, um, actually riding on outside terrain. When you’re climbing, damn are you CLIMBING that mountain. And when you’re racing, you are in full out sprint, going head-to-head with whomever is sitting on the bike next to you (in my case today, it was Scott to my left, Jo right behind me).  It’s no wonder so many of my friends don’t love spinning – based on their non-Group Ride experience – it’s no wonder so many of my friends haven’t stuck with it. Even Heather commented that her husband didn’t like spinning much since it didn’t really feel like actual cycling moves.

The class left me sweaty but in no way was I spent. In Ride, you work as hard as you can (at least I do!) and you literally have nothing left to give by the end of the last track (climb). It’s an incredible rush.

So, um, I gotta say it: Hello Group Ride! You are an amazing workout!

Seriously – after this experience, I have that much more appreciation for all of the BTS programs out there. From Group Power, to Group Ride and obviously, Group Kick (and a slew of others I have yet to try) – they ALL kick your butt in a way that no other class has ever kicked my butt. It’s a total bummer that more gyms don’t license the classes, at least around here, because they are worth every penny.

So now I gotta ask – how has your group fitness experience been? Am I the only one out there that thinks some group fitness classes leave much to be desired? Or is this the workout-a-holic in me coming out, full-force?

And no (insert caveat here!) – I did not intend to write this as an advertisement for BTS, seriously. I am just in awe, literally, after having a chance to compare one of the BTS classes to a non-BTS class and was totally struck by the very obvious differences. At least to me.

8 thoughts on “What a difference…

  1. Hey girl – I have never taken a Group Ride class and will say that the one on the RT was not very good even compared to the spin classes I am used to. She was not motivating at all and you really need that in spin. That being said, the spin classes I have taken did incorporate lots of standing, up downs, weird triceps pushups, things like that that aren’t exactly normal cycling moves. But they were fun at least. My gym has just started doing Group Ride though. Jason took it a few weeks ago and really really enjoyed the difference. Anyway…happy winesday!

    • I know, right?? Only we’d choose the most technical, most strenuous of the BTS workouts to learn to teach, huh? If we only knew what we were getting ourselves into way back when. 😉

  2. I love Group Ride. I must admit though that I loved the classes at my old gym more though. They had more variety and the instructors would simulate races and things. I got lucky there because I know I’ve been other places where it was awful. Isn’t it amazing what an instructor can do for a class?

    Glad you are in a better mood!

    • That’s a good point too, Tina. Even a great group fitness program (i.e. BTS) can fall flat if the instructor isn’t GREAT too. At the end of the day, that is probably even MORE important than the class itself, for the most part at least. 🙂

  3. Well, you and Jolene are so “super-conditioned” that the average workout or the average instructor is just not going to “cut it” for you. That’s a good thing. You are athletes and should be proud of the fact that you can kick butt at everything you try! Keep going!

  4. Wow….I would totally be bored, too! The spin classes at my gym definitely sound like Group Ride. It kicks my butt every.single.time! I will say, though, that I’ve learned which instructors I “like” (good music, make me sweat a TON) versus the “easy” ones. I guess that’s the only thing about group fitness…having to find a kick-a** instructor (someone like YOU!) and you kind of have to pick through some (hmmm…kind of like dating, perhaps?!) 🙂

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