There is just something about balance…

…that makes me so damn happy.

To me, life is way, way, way too short, and way too overcomplicated as it is, to not find balance. To not look at life as “everything in moderation.”

At least, that is, for me.

Well, and Jenna (among others, including many of you!) – over at EatLiveRun.

I read her post from yesterday and it totally and utterly resonated with me in so many ways.

She’s right.

Things DO taste better with real butter vs. the fake stuff (Ames – you’ll appreciate this!!)

Sometimes you DO need a glass of wine – and in some cases, an *extra* glass of wine – after a hard day, or to celebrate an accomplishment, or simply just to enjoy with your super-cute hubby staring at you from across the table.

And yes, carbs – those dreaded carbs – are sometimes all your body craves after a particularly hard workout (um hello, Bagel World, in my neck of the woods!).

And guess what? Those indulgences – within reason, using moderation as your guide – are ok. In fact, I’d argue they are great for you.


Well, for one, because without indulging now and then, your body goes into overdrive-craving mode (or maybe just mine does!) and next time I’m around whatever it is I’ve been avoiding-like-the-plauge-for-fear-my-jeans-will-suddenly-not-fit, I want to eat (or drink) it by the bucket-full. And seriously, what good is that? You know you’ll just feel terrible if you go to that extreme, right?

Also – like I’ve said before, once you start focusing on the quality of the foods you’re eating, the happier, more centered, more satisfied, and more balanced you’ll feel. Said the girl eating a fantastic piece of Cabot monterey jack cheese (FULL fat version) while prepping dinner with the hubs. 😉

Again – as Jenna pointed out too (and as you all know all too well about me!), I work hard to play hard. So my workouts may seem to be ALL I ever talk about. But a teeny tiny part of my motivation is because I like to indulge now and then and not feel badly for it.

So that’s my balance rant for the day…seriously, life is too short to feel forever-deprived.

…Eat a cookie (as Jenna said, not TEN cookies, but A cookie)!

…Enjoy those nibbles of cheese before dinner!

…Indulge in a glass of wine if you want to! And on a weeknight if you feel like it, no less – total rebel move, right? 😉


11 thoughts on “There is just something about balance…

    • I would’ve given you credit had I not read the post BEFORE you sent it to me – I’m telling you, get outta my head 😉 And PS. I realllllly want wine too! But then, when do I not??

  1. Great post. Unfortunately I cannot eat “a” cookie. One cookie for me definitely turns into 10 or maybe even 15 – no control there.

    I’m all for the glass of wine though. Sometimes you just have to 🙂

    • Ha, too funny, Sue. I suppose to each his/her own, right? What it comes down to is knowing your body, knowing what you can/cannot manage moderately and go from there, right? And now all this cookie talk makes me wish I had a fresh baked batch sitting next to me at the computer. 😉

  2. One very important thing that I learned about myself is that as soon as I declared a certain food item “forbidden”, it suddenly became all the more appealing. After I gave myself “permission” to eat whatever I wanted (in moderation, of course!) then it became a whole lot easier to say “no thanks” – because I knew that there would be another time when I could just as easily say “Yes please!”

  3. I am so with you on balance, especially when it comes to the glass (or 2) of wine or snacking on cheese while making dinner. I don’t do it every day, but once in a while, it’s just good for the soul. And cookies, I don’t do enough of those lately I’ve decided. It’s so easy to get caught up in eating clean and healthy and working out that you sometimes forget to enjoy that rest day and that cookie, sugar and all, no stevia, no whole-wheat flour, no organic, hand picked, air dried raisins (or some crap like that). Cheers to balance!

    • LOL Heather. You are so funny. YES, my dear, you DO need more cookies in your life. And *maybe* even an extra slice of pizza now and then too. Had to throw that in there since today is pizza friday, is it not?!

  4. I LOVED this! I completely agree, too. I lived for years with the “fat-free” “100 calorie pack” mentally, and it’s a tough one to break. But I feel so much more satisfied with the “real” stuff. Tastes better, too, huh? 🙂

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