“Laugh everyday…it’s like inner jogging”

“Laugh everyday…it’s like inner jogging.”

This post brought to you by none other than Dove chocolates.

Yes, this is a blog about fitness and healthy eats…but most of all, it’s about balance. Hence, a delicious piece of chocolate after dinner last night. Which was equally delicious thanks to the hubs who whipped up a very tasty dinner of grilled, dry-rubbed pork chops, yellow beans and steamed broccoli. All eaten on the deck under the glow of the twinkly lights circling the banister on our deck and the setting sun. Exactly what this girl needed. Like whoa.

But I digress. This quote from my Dove chocolate treat totally made me giggle. For two reasons:

1 – Um hello, I’m inspired by a quote from a Dove chocolate wrapper??

2 – It’s so freakin’ true. We all DO need to laugh more, and hell – if that also equates to “inner jogging,” well y’know how I feel about running, so I’m totally down for anything related to that, especially if it improves the spirit. 🙂

So – please do three things for me and I’ll be a happy blogger.

1 – Eat more chocolate, especially Dove – it’s yummy.

2- Laugh more.

3 – Repeat #1 and #2


14 thoughts on ““Laugh everyday…it’s like inner jogging”

  1. Wonderful post! (As always) I have a postcard on our wine cooler in the kitchen that makes me smile everytime I see it. My sister (living in England) sent it to me and it shows two nuns – one of them young, one old. The young: “We have a case of Syphilis in the convent”. The old: “Thank God! I’m sick of that Beaujolais!”.
    It’s just a silly joke, related to my hubby’s and my passion for private wine tastings. But it’s silly enough to make me laugh every time I’m in the kitchen (and I’m there very often).
    I guess a really funny picture, a quote from a chocolate wrap (!), a sticker etc. can be a reminder to make you smile.
    PS: Another quote that’s hilarious is from the German actress Hildegard Knef: “I don’t do jogging, I run Amok!” 😉
    Best, J

    • That is the best postcard, Julia!! What a riot. Seriously, you’re right – it’s the little things sometimes that gets us through, right? And now I want another piece of Dove chocolate 😉

    • Waiiiit. You don’t like chocolate?? Seriously!? That is crazy! I wish I didn’t like it, haha. But alas, I do. I love it. 🙂 And yes, it IS too bad an extra laugh or two doesn’t really equal a jog though, nice thought regardless, right?

  2. Love this and now I totally want a Dove too. I was looking at your Lululemon bag today in Ride (LOL) and noticed so many other good sayings on there. Read it, will ya?! 😉

    • YES! I was doing the same thing the last time we were at Ride. So inspirational…and so random, on a reusable bag from the mall no less. Always in those unexpected places, but always at just the right time.

  3. Um, those Dove chocolates are DELICIOUS, so it makes perfect sense to me that you found inspiration there!

    I’m going to start following your suggested three steps. In fact, I have a Dove dark chocolate square on my desk as we speak… 🙂

    • YES, they are the best, just the right size for a little treat too. So yummy…and would go PERFECTLY with my iced coffee sitting on my desk right now. I wish I had a dark chocolate square sitting there giving me the hairy eyeball right now. Enjoy it for me, please 🙂

  4. I love getting little secret messages that make me smile. The other day I opened my egg carton and on the inside it said, “Good Morning Beautiful”. How cute was that?

    As far a chocolate goes, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Now I’m going to have to stop at the grocery on the way home to get a bag of Dove chocolates. Never tried them.

    BTW, your husband sounds like a dream. Mine can’t boil water, let alone make a complete dinner.

    • Yeah Lisa, I’m not gonna lie, I really did luck out in the husband department, sometimes I feel the need to pinch myself to make sure it’s not a dream. 😉 And PS. How have you never had a Dove chocolate before? BEST THING EVER!

  5. Okay, this made me laugh because a. I LOVE Dove chocolates and b. I’m more enticed to eat them because of those quotes! haha it takes little convincing, though. 🙂 I needed to read this today, too. And now I REALLY need to go find some Doves chocolate!

  6. Dove chocolates have the best quotes, and it never fails, I always get one that has to do with the moment in time. 🙂 Good one!! It’s so you.

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