Indulging and…balance?

Yes, indulging and balance do belong in the same sentence.


And within moderation, of course.

But yes, it can be done. Tina‘s post today inspired this quickie little post tonight.

Why? Because she admitted that *gasp* she gave into her craving for McD’s (hey, baby’s gotta eat right??) and yes, that still does make her a healthy living, healthy eating blogger.

Just because her lunch didn’t include flaxseed or grapeseed oil, doesn’t mean she no longer “qualifies” as a healthy blogger. It’s about a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Not a deprived one.

Same goes for me.

My big indulgent reveal?

An A-mazing flourless chocolate cake topped with homemade fresh whipped creme – all made by not me, but my fanfrickinastic husband (aka “Tony Miceli” heh).

He whipped it up as part of a midweek “date night” dinnerΒ  last night which ended up being one of the most memorable dates we’ve had in awhile.

It included prosecco. *Maybe* also some cabernet (ok, who am I kidding, it definitely did) and this incredibly decadent, dense, chocolate paradise.

I took a picture but am not posting it. It doesn’t begin to do it justice.

It was that good.

And worth every. single. dense. calorie-filled. bite.

So THERE! I’m still a healthy living/fitness fanatic blogger. But my secret is out! I eat! A lot! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Indulging and…balance?

  1. Yay for this post! Of course I love it. πŸ˜€

    And chocolate cake. Even after McDs last night for dinner – I could go for some now. Preggo cravings have been raging the past couple days. LOL

  2. Yes, yes, yes! AMEN. Hooray for eating, and especially hooray for not depriving ourselves. I am so sad when I see women deprive themselves and miss out on some of the best things (cake, cookies, candy – my three “c’s!) in life. LOVED this post – I agree whole heartedly! And, um, your husband is pretty much amazing for making a dessert like that. πŸ™‚

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