“Siamo tutti bella. Non dimenticatelo.”

While I was in Maine this past week on vacation, I had plenty of time to plow through Operation Beautiful, thanks in large part to the rainy forecast for the start of the week. Normally, I’d be totally bummed at the lack of lakeside reading, water sports, and sunnage, but somehow this is exactly what I’ve needed after the past few weeks that have felt very stressful and overwhelming at times.

Since I didn’t have Internet access here at the lake, I decided to write a couple of blogs to post over the weekend when I get back to the land of the connected later in the week. Perfectly suited for the mini-series? What Operation Beautiful has taught or reinforced for me, a purveyor of all things balanced and beautiful.

To kick off the mini-series, I thought the first Post-It Note that screamed out at me was the perfect back-drop for today’s post:

“Siamo tutti bella. Non dimenticatelo”

“We are all beautiful. Never forget it.”

So simple, yet so true – and somehow, so easy to forget. We’ve all been caught in that never-ending cycle of self-doubt, negative self-talk and body image issues. I find it so sad that we’ve all been there…life is so short as it is, we’ve been given this one life to live, and yet, we become our own worst enemies. Sad.

I was talking this over with one of my favorites (some of you may read her stuff over at Life by the Day) who visited us in Maine this weekend. She – and my sis, Jo – agreed that we need to stop treating ourselves so poorly. We would never, ever dream of telling our dearest friends that they “look fat”, or “are ugly”, or “how on earth could they be caught in public wearing that shirt, you look awful in it?” Yet, we are more than comfortable treating ourselves like a piece of garbage off the street. We need to stop. Right now. Embrace our beauty as more than just skin-deep. Flaws and all. Those are the things that make us unique – it is these unique traits that make us perfect, not imperfect. Just like no two fingerprints are alike. No two smiles are alike. No two hands or feet are alike. We are imperfectly perfect just the way we are.

We are beautiful just the way we are.

Wow, I have loads more to say on the topic but I’ll stop here for now…until tomorrow’s post, that is!

For today, though, I’d like to leave you all with an exercise to try at home (report back here in the comments section too, if you want!).

Make a list of your positive qualities – both inside and out –and tape that list where you’ll see it everyday. Do not be ashamed to celebrate your amazing qualities. Yes – I know this is hard to do ladies – I’ll post a few here to get you started, and to prove that you can celebrate inner/outer beauty without fear of being called vain, I promise.

Things I love about myself:

  • I’m a committed and dedicated friend
  • I like to think of myself as pretty funny, albeit dorky funny, but funny nonetheless
  • I have strong legs that are going to carry me through that Wicked Half finish line
  • I don’t have six-pack abs, but I do have strong yet womanly curvy abs that I’m proud to call my own
  • I have a crooked nose – it’s one of the unique traits I do not share with either of my sisters, I like to say it gives me character 😉
  • I try to be thoughtful in my actions – towards my friends, my sisters, my husband – to show them I care

There’s a start – now it’s your turn!


11 thoughts on ““Siamo tutti bella. Non dimenticatelo.”

  1. This one makes me teary-eyed. I know I posted something similar a few weeks back saying the we should support ourselves the way we would a friend. I have a note on my mirror that says, “Love yourself.” Yet, even as I glance at that note, I see myself and start the negative chatter all in one fell swoop. It’s amazing how easy, so so easy it is to do. Why is that? I really can’t seem to figure out why it’s so easy to hate ourselves. Maybe hate is a strong word, but you know what I mean. Nit pick, downplay, etc.

    • I know…as soon as I put the book down, I told myself fat-talk would go out the window. Yet…I’m finding its a ridiculously hard habit for me to break. How sad is that? I’m hoping that by the end of the month of Sept, the habit will be broken. Scary that we let ourselves get so down on ourselves like that, isn’t it? Sad too…

  2. Well…mucka lacka yeeka yakka boo boo. In my language – that means “thank you dahling.” OK, OK, in all seriousness (ignore the silly made up language), I’ve been following Operation Beautiful and Caitlin for some time. And her message and goal is quite simply…inspiring. I’m glad you took her message to heart and realized all the good and beauty in you. It is easier to think negative thoughts, but I believe the more you think positively, the better off you will be. All of us.

  3. Gosh, this is a wonderful post. And great timing, too, as I’ve not been very nice to myself (it’s kind of a trend on Mondays, for some reason?). I love the idea of making a list of what you love about yourself and keeping it somewhere you can see it everyday. I’m definitely going to do this! Might steal this idea for my blog – if that’s okay? 🙂

    On a side note…our library has Operation Beautiful! I’m reserving my copy right now. 🙂

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