30 Days of Self-Love and more learning’s from Operation Beautiful

In yesterday’s post, I got so wrapped up in sharing all of the great things I’ve learned from reading Operation Beautiful that I forgot to mention the 30 Days of Self-Love movement going on over at Faith, Fitness, and Fun. Of course, I joined the cause as soon as I read about it and hope you will, too. Read all about it here and if you’re a blogger like me, add the button to your blog to join the cause. It all starts on September 1 – let’s give it up for some positive vibes coming at ya in the fall!

“Does this shirt make my butt look faster?”

Back to Operation Beautiful…and some thoughts on how to make fitness an integral part of your life but not one that focuses on numbers but one that focuses on working out to feel strong and healthy, not to be “skinny.” The Post-it note phrase above is one that I am obsessed with because it ties so closely to a goal of mine for this fall, as you all know all too well by now…the Wicked Half which is inching up closer and closer by the day (hmm…this could be a contender for my race day tank mantra…). This was a phrase from one of the stories in Operation Beautiful that focused on a first-time marathoner. She posted this phrase on her race-day shirt and it engendered such a sense of community amongst the other marathoners that day. In fact, many of her fellow marathoners loved it so much that they wrote the same phrase on their race day shirts in magic marker.

THIS is what fitness is about:

Community-building, developing your own sense of self, and being proud and strong of you who are, just the way you are, no matter what shape or size you are.

We are strong. We are athletes. We are beautiful.

Focusing on that, and not on the scale, the number of calories you expended during your last workout, or the size pants you wear or want to wear. Embrace you who are, right where you, right now.

On that note…how are those lists coming along??


7 thoughts on “30 Days of Self-Love and more learning’s from Operation Beautiful

  1. It can be so hard not to get caught up in numbers or ideals we have in our head. Sometimes our best intentions (like healthy eating or exercising) can get skewed along the way. We can lose a bit of focus on why we’re eating healthy or why we’re exercising then it can be a downward spiral. Fine lines huh?

  2. Thanks for the shout out!!!

    And I loved that quote too. It shows that looks don’t matter in fitness and pursuing healthy living. I loved that story. You should totally use that for your race day slogan.

    • Of course Tina! I can’t wait for the 30-days to start – I seriously do need it, especially when it comes to my desire to kick that fat-talk habit for good. It’s not as easy as I’d hoped it would be.

      And um yeah, I’m pretty sure that slogan will make its way onto our race day tanks 🙂

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