Reason #453 why I heart morning workouts

Reason #453: There are FAR fewer reasons to miss one than there are at night.

No happy hour plans to entice you away from your workout plans.

No errands or appointments that need to be taken care of after work.

And <ahem>

No late nights at work to keep you from your planned half marathon training run.

Yes – I skipped the AM workout today after my neighbors so rudely awoke me from a lovely night’s sleep with the grand idea that fireworks were a good idea at that hour of the night (really?!?!). Plus, I’m dragging from that favorite “time” us women sooo look forward to each month.

Of course – I had the best laid plans in mind for tonight. Leave work right on time. Scoot home to meet Scott for a 4 or 5 mile run, and be ready to go for our lonnnng run planned for Saturday (12 miles, go big or go home!). Yes – that sounded great to me in my head as I drifted back to sleep this morning.

Well – that “leave work right on time part” didn’t quite happen and I certainly didn’t plan for the quasi-migraine that hit right at the end of the day either. <quick someone call the wahhhhhbulance!!>

So anyway, I’m being all Negative Nelly over here but I’m seriously bummed that I missed out on tonight’s run. It’s a gorgeous cool evening here in Boston and I miss running – it’s been since MONDAY since we ran last and I’m dying for a taste of that runner’s high I love so very much.

To make up for it, I’ve decided to get up a bit earlier tomorrow, get my weight workout in that I’d planned already for tomorrow (Cathe’s Pyramid Upper Body – one of my faves!) and then go on a short run with Scott before tearing through a busy, meeting-heavy day at the office in the hopes of welcoming Friday night with open arms.

That’s the plan anyway, let’s hope this one sticks. 😉

Disclaimer: Dear blog friends, thank you for letting me use my blog tonight as a total bitch-fest. I really appreciate it. Signed, me. 🙂