A fine line

There is a fine line between:

Working out because you love the health benefits a regular fitness routine gives you.


Working out obsessively to be thinner, stronger, fitter for the outward-facing benefits a workout provides.To the point that you’re afraid to miss a workout for fear of gaining weight, getting “fat,” etc.

Yes – there is not one person on this planet that doesn’t workout because they want to look better, physically. It’s only natural to crave those types of improvements.

What’s not natural is craving and obsessing over increasingly more aggressive, intense workouts at the expense of a normal, balanced, healthy lifestyle.

This is something I’ve thought a lot about lately as I grow increasingly more committed to my fitness routines. First it was Kick, to achieve my goal of becoming a Kick-certified instructor so I put a ton of time, energy, and effort into getting into the best shape I could, building up my cardio endurance, etc. And now, all of my attention and focus is on getting into the best running shape I can get into for this half marathon that is creeping up on me as we speak!

But – what I don’t want to ever have misconstrued here is my desire to workout for the right reasons. Yes, I like a challenge. In fact, I LOVE a challenge. Hence Kick, half marathons, STS rotations, and who knows what’ll be next on that list of challenges. But I also approach these challenges smartly – or as smartly as I can. I fuel my body for those long runs. I give myself active recovery time and yes, I DO take my rest days even if I hate taking them, I do it. Because I know it’s good for my body and necessary to recover from the hard work I put into those workouts.

I felt compelled to blog about this today after reading Tina’s 30 day’s post for today on exercise and also The Healthy Apron’s blog on exercise bulimia – because both reminded me that I do teeter on the edge now and then of veering towards danger zone (i.e. exercise bulimia). Not that I have ever actually faced it, but I have come close here and there, not gonna lie. I guess the good news in all of this is that I know myself and my body well enough that I recognized the signs of it, and I eased up. Smartly so.

Long story short – I always strive for balance. In work/life balance. In healthy eating balance. In workout balance.

But I’m not perfect.

Sometimes I lose sight of that balance – kind of like last night’s rant (or quasi-rant, according to Jo and Heather!).

But – it’s always that blog post that you read at just the right time that works wonders. Amazing how that happens, seriously. So thank you bloggy universe, I heart you so. 🙂