Help! I’ve been Scott-napped!

Heh, yep you read it right “Scott-napped.”

And yes, that is SO a word if your husband just happens to be named “Scott.”

If you’ve never been Scott-napped, let me give you the run-down…it involves:

…a gorgeous Saturday morning run (not the 12-miler but I’ll get there in a sec)

…a quick shower followed by the most amazing bagel and cream cheese I’ve ever eaten (local joint – Bagel World, OMG, to die for, worth every last bite)

… some errands and such, or so I thought. Instead we went <wait for iiiiit> outlet shopping…

…where we proceeded to spend lots of money we don’t have but it was totally worth it for the memories. We held hands like school-children. We had a no-blackberry rule (mostly – sorry, I had to bbim Jo a couple times, couldn’t resist). We talked and goofed off on the ride down to the outlets. And we made a pact to go into at least one store we’d never been into before – and ended up going into every store in the place, I think. Including a stop at the Bass Pro Shop at Patriot’s Place – random, but totally worth it! Got a cute workout running top for fall and Scott got the fleece vest he was looking for (again – random) for our trip to Sonoma in a few weeks.

…and ended up at the farmer’s market we visited a couple weeks ago. A-mazing, as usual. Fresh-picked apples – nothing better.

Long story short – a “Scott-napping” was the most fun, most-needed, most awesome way to spend a late-summer Saturday. And it’s not over yet. Currently enjoying a lovely glass of Field Stone cabernet, some cheese and crackers and am loving it – especially since I’m in yoga pants, I mean what could be better than that, right??


Oh – before I forget, what’s up with the 12-miler we had planned for today? Well my poor sister’s calves were to blame this time around, and since we do everything together (we ARE a wicked half team afterall, right?), we decided to run the 12-miler tomorrow morning instead. So wish us luck on that endeavor, mmk?