Friends – they make the world go ’round

I’ve been struck more often than not lately about how great my small circle of friends has become to me

And then it dawned on me just how much my friendships have evolved recently – either growing into stronger, “sister-friendships” or growing apart, as some friendships tend to do over time.

This is actually something that I got to thinking about, in part, after reading Holly’s last post on friendships over at The Balance Broad (and um, if you don’t read her blog regularly, you should – she is a riot, and a genuinely good person, a blog friend I’d LOVE to meet one day soon!).

So friendships – they truly do make the world go ’round.  And my friends? Well, they kind of vary in terms of how we became friends, length of friendship, etc., but interestingly enough, they’ve sort of all converged a bit lately, too. And they’re all great, amazing, incredible friendships for very different reasons.

My “girls night” girls are some of the most fun girls around – and they are definitely a mashup of a couple of circles of friends that have morphed into one, cohesive circle of friends over time. It’s great – some of them I’ve known since childhood, others I met at work (only by chance since she was only at the company a short time before leaving) and since developed a super-strong bond with (um, that would be you JL!), and others are friends from college or previous work-born friendships. And it works. Amazingly well.

My Kick friends – I swear, it was like “sleepaway camp” during our Kick training last winter (wow, time flies!!). It was honestly by chance that we even became friends to begin with – prior to Kick training, none of us really even talked to one another at the gym. And then BAM! Enter Kick and a very challenging (physically and mentally) time and we’ve bonded in a major way. We workout together (a LOT), we talk about our workouts, we support eachother during classes eachother teaches, and we try to make dinner plans as often as possible. In particular, my sis and I have formed a super-close bond with Steph over at Daisysunniestephie‘s blog. It’s so funny how it sort of just happend, with absolutely no effort involved. Steph is one of those people that you meet and think wow, she is just a GOOD person. Her husband too. They define “good people” and I love it. I especially love how similar we are in our workout styles, our hatred of rest days and our determination to kick fat-talk to the curb. Case in point – in one of our email exchanges last night, we were lamenting that we were feeling “fat” for one reason or another. I mentioned a project my sister and I try to stick to by giving each other body compliments when we’re starting to feel that fat-talk creep in. So – I promptly told Steph she’s got a nice butt. And she returned the favor – saying I looked great in my jeans the other day. See? It’s the little people but I’m telling you, makes a world of a difference!

And then there are friends that I have never met but feel so close to for no other reason than I get to read about their days, their workouts, their latest recipe concoctions, their deepest thoughts – those are YOU, my bloggy friends. I’m coming up on a year since I started this blog (in Oct) and I cannot believe the awesome friendships that have been born out of this here blog. It’s amazing and, quite honestly, I’d feel like something was missing if I suddenly didn’t have this anymore. Funny how that happens.

So this is a very long way of saying – friends are so important, so special, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have bonded with a pretty fantastic group of girlfriends who I know will always have my back and I’ll always have theirs.

I’ll have to remind Steph of that in just about  a week when we’re kicking off our half marathon in the wee hours of the morning. 😉


Speaking of friends and sister-friends – everyone please send good thoughts my sister Jen‘s way – she’s waiting as patiently as she can for her baby to make her grand entrance and she seems to be taking her sweet ‘ol time. So please – tell Baby N. that it’s time to come out to play! Her aunties are dying to meet her. 🙂