Guest Post: Along for the ride…I mean, run???

With almost one week until the wicked half, my husband decided it was time to write a guest blog for me – about none other, than our “journey” running together and really, where it all began for me, but also for us as a couple.

For someone who doesn’t consider himself a writer – this one totally hit my right there. Reason four million while I am so lucky to have such an amazing, thoughtful, loving and supportive husband like him. I think I’ll keep him around for awhile 😉

And if you’re wondering – Scott and I still do have our “other” Living A Zinful Life blog…it’s just on hiatus while we explore a “project” together (more details on that later…)

Along for the ride…I mean, run???

For me, running has always been a means to an end.  I was always playing one sport or another and used running to make myself better at athletics.  It always came relatively easy to me.  I would just set out and before I knew it four or five miles had gone by and my run was done. I used the time to think, a chance to slow my mind down and work through whatever was going on in my head.  Even when I would run with my teammates I wasn’t really present. Running was my “me” time.

Like everything in my life, this changed drastically when Jess and I started to run together. My “me” time became “our” time and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I don’t know if Jess ever mentioned why she/we began to run together.  We used running as a way to move out of the routine that had taken over our lives and our relationship. Yup, Jess and I were in a rut. Our lives and our relationship got stagnant. We started taking each other for granted and our relationship suffered. The two of us are very emotional people and this emotion is what makes our relationship flourish. I can honestly say that I love Jess more today than I did at anytime of our relationship and it is because of our decision to start running, kind of. Running was conscious decision to do different things together. We realized that our relationship was worth any amount of work that we needed to put into it. Running was obviously only one of the “solutions” but was a major one. Running gave us time to chat, well at first I did most of the chatting, Jess was busy breathing and “not dying”.  It forced me to open up, to lead the discussion, to actually go in depth about my day, my feelings, my thoughts and especially my dreams.  Running literally and figuratively took us to places we had never been before.

I never would have thought that we would be here when this adventure started, one week away from a half MARATHON.  Jess has come so far and it amazes me every time we hit the pavement at the improvements she has made (ask her about the water bottle on our very first run). I guess that is what drew me to her in the first place so many years ago when she wouldn’t even talk to me. I could see that determination in her eyes, in her actions, and in her heart. I am one lucky guy to have her share that with me everyday.

If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to give you a little tidbit from what I have learned by “running.” And it has nothing to do with the physical challenge of running. If you start to feel stagnant, if the spark is getting dimmer, and you find yourself losing that passion, try something new, allow yourself to be pulled out of your comfort zone. You never know where it might take you.

12 thoughts on “Guest Post: Along for the ride…I mean, run???

  1. Sniffle…I LOVE this post so much. So well written, and it truly speaks to how strong you two are together, more than ever. I see it every day, and I love it. You guys inspire me to create something special one day (hopefully soon) and as for running, though I do still “die” at times when I run, I know I can, if I stop THINKING about it so much. So looking forward to running the half with you two, this is going to be a memory forever.

    • Aww, that means so much coming from you, sis. I can honestly say that next Saturday’s race is going to be an incredible experience – it won’t be easy, but then, what good challenge is meant to be “easy” right? And to know that I’m accomplishing something so major with my sister and my husband by my side is awesome. Love that.

  2. I find it quite contradictory that this sweet, well written, thoughtful, sincere and clearly smitten post is from the same guy laughs like a 10 year old boy when the h-word is used. Love it!

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  5. (Okay, Jess, I already figured your hubby was pretty darn awesome from how you described him, but this definitely reaffirms it!)

    That you so much for sharing this with all of us! You know, it’s funny – I’ve always run by myself, for 13 years. So I never knew the impact it could have on a relationship, being able to run and spend time with another person. I love that you both found something in which you can cheer each other on, and something that has helped you to become closer. Such a great example for people in relationships!

    • Yeah, he is pretty great, I’m not gonna lie – and love how I’m responding to your comment on HIS blog post. Type A much??

      Anyway – yes, there is just something that running sparked in us that made such a change in our relationship a few years ago which is why I’ve cherished training for this half with him, especially since he’s actually had the time to devote to training being unemployed and all. Everything happens for a reason, right?

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